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In Islam, These 7 Major Sins Will Land You In Hellfire. | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:15:37
A number of religions have the concept of "sin". It is one of the most important concepts in Islam as well. The Muslims regard sin as any act that goes against the teachings of Allah. It is a well-known fact that Islam is a complete guide and code of life. ...
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  • SundayKuye

    02-02 20:04:24

    take people life for blasphemy is not sin ,but a license to heaven with 7 virgin

  • ObioraEbube_01

    02-04 16:33:33

    No wonder the Boko Haram are waxing stronger. For one not to believe in Christ is an Express road to hell fire.

  • maroufowolabi

    02-02 17:17:24

    outstanding !!!!

  • +234-802329****

    02-25 19:52:01

    fake,what of unjustly shedding of the blood of the innocent?what of terrorism?that religion ehn?

  • Stoya1604

    02-13 13:30:39

    Death cult

  • AzeezShittu

    02-02 16:58:23

    What about adultery?The Qur'an emphasizes too much against it as a major sin.

  • +234-0813949****

    02-08 20:31:13

    Thanks a lot 4 the lectures.

  • StanleyIdam

    02-07 13:44:46

    APC governors and the presdo are guilty of stealing from the orphans

  • AuwalIbrahimGamawa

    02-04 10:37:23

    we'll be behave, thanks.

  • AhmedZetoSadiq

    02-02 21:09:15

    very educating and a reminder as well. thanks so much

  • GUEST_a63aRp1Dg

    02-08 18:27:42

    I disagree with number 2, that's a big fat lie why are they killing people anyhow? Even themselves 🙄⚔️

  • GUEST_Wg7E225pa

    02-02 20:25:06

    nice advice to all muslim in dunya

  • GUEST_Gx6e4wl32

    02-02 19:41:15

    Adultary is one of the major sins


    02-02 16:59:23

    No 2 is a real problem. We dont see muslims condemming jihadies for murdering innocent people🙄

  • +234-802329****

    02-27 20:40:16

    nosirat,am sure you don't read your Quran.Your brother in the faith,shekau speaks and write Arabic,he know the Quran in and out and has said in several occasion that he is fighting for Allah.Have you ever heard of ISIS,Al quaeda,Osama bin laden and the different Islamic terrorists?why do you think they are scattering everywhere?they have verses they are standing on,for a reward from your Allah-pls find out or read your Quran well.


    02-14 12:32:24

    Zina Is Also A Major Sin i.e Adultery Back Bitting Is A Huge Sin etc

  • Blackvoice

    02-09 03:45:56

    And how did teacher Mohammed come to know all this. have he ever gone to heaven. no 5:fleeing the battlefield. did he mention battling with who. God does not approved battle, for God desire not in the death of a sinner, for his soul is lost forever, else he repent and come back to God while he still have the grace alive. 🤒. so what does teacher Mohammed say about refilling a teenager. an 8years old girl, who is still suppose to be learning her Quran and graduate only during walimat. !!!! 🤷🏼.

  • +254-71860****

    02-03 22:27:35


  • Payo+

    02-03 20:02:39

    Muslims can commit anything they like on this earth after all not even an unborn Muslim will go to heaven

  • EddySebunya_01

    02-02 18:44:32

    thanks for the reminder

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