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Mixed Reactions As Popular Nollywood Actress In USA Says "We Are Also Going Through Hell" | All Comments

2021-02-22 10:45:39
Popular Nollywood Actress Bukky Wright recently shared a video of the challenges they are passing through in the United States of America.This is happening due to excessive Snow, power outage which equally affected water supply and many other things. ...
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  • mrDon

    02-22 22:17:00

    first d person carrying water is not her. den u call dis little challenge hell, wetin u go call we wen dey live inside hell proper? Nigeria na heaven na u go US? all dis talk na for likes and followers. continue to dy fool ur self e go tire u

  • AliyuKunle

    02-22 22:48:04

    American hell is Nigerian heaven... please leave hell and come to heavenly Nigeria. you go learn Las Las .

  • GUEST_YwR4pRMxe

    02-23 05:26:15

    The person that carry water is not Bukky right

  • OluwayinkaOluwadareOluyemi

    02-23 14:32:13

    They are the same person, that's not Bukky Wright

  • OmisakinAgnes

    02-23 11:43:13

    You have every reason to glorify God!Fetching water which will not last long should not be seen as passing through hell.


    02-23 11:06:06

    Mumu blogger is dat Bukky Wright? She posted on her wall not her. U are very stupid u just anytin u like. Idiot


    02-23 09:50:30

    what ever you are going through there can't be compared to Nigeria situation. At least you have a government there not robbers in offices.

  • +234-803207****

    02-23 07:23:02

    This is not bulky wright.

  • SegunFelaanikulapo

    02-23 14:44:09

    nor b bukky wright b dat now na another person b dat wey dey fetch water

  • SulaimonbalikissAbisoye_01

    02-23 11:16:02

    it not bukky Wright d pix is fake joor if she is fetch water what big deal there is she not human being


    02-23 11:10:01

    in fact u are enjoying there pls come to Nigeria there is no place to fetch water no .light no water

  • FunmiTijani_01

    02-23 07:40:11

    Why complaining...America no better pass Nigeria...wey u go forever dey suffer for WATER ...LIGHT...FOOD...HOUSE... HEALTH... EDUCATION..... ROAD..... TRANSPORTATION....EMPLOYMENT.... FREEDOM OF SPEECH ... SECURITY... Eeeeeeh I tire o...BUKKY ma Daughter and Junior Colleague in NOLLYWOOD.. Stay o...Stay ooo.and STAY SAFE...Luvuuu

  • MatthewAkinOnigbinde

    02-23 07:05:57

    no be her jare.... lie lie people


    02-23 06:54:11

    Thank God they have where to fetch water

  • BolatitoAdeleye

    02-23 06:41:44

    That's not Bulky Wright carrying water please they have problem in Texas but she's not the one


    02-22 22:35:24

    weit carry u go there? come back and see hell fire in Nigeria- people were de here the cry u join them

  • NkechiVera_01

    02-22 22:23:33

    Akuko negwu Mike Ejeagha

  • GUEST_PA64wl3kz

    02-28 02:39:01

    What is my business with that mummy

  • GUEST_Aar8G0Gg1

    02-24 22:09:34

    that picture doesn't look, like her, so please watch wat you post please

  • OprahOlekanma

    02-23 13:21:32

    You aren't serious are you? Can you compare the suffering here in Naija and that of US?Just this little thing you are complaining? .Oya pack your baggages and hit Naija abegiii. oo

  • +234-803831****

    02-23 11:30:23

    mrs ode,come and try Nigeria.

  • GUEST_abLyoAEy6

    02-23 07:31:57

    You better stay over because there is no regular light in Nigeria.My Children will say Nigeria "No Nepa".Stay over there is better .

  • +234-803961****

    02-23 07:09:56

    she is not d one fetching water, blogger shine ur eyes well

  • GUEST_Akp2v0jqA

    02-23 05:26:19

    why can't you come back to your father land ,stupid post ,

  • GUEST_Bd0k2K7YN

    02-22 23:45:46

    the picture don't add up

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