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"His birthday is not complete without his mother"- Twitter users react as FFk celebrates his Son | All Comments

2021-02-02 20:50:03
The birthday celebration of Femi Fani-Fakoyde's Son, Aragon was greeted with mixed reactions from social media users. Nigerian Lawyer, Femi Fani-Fakoyde took to his verified Twitter handle to share lovely Video of the grand celebration of his Son, Aragon a ...
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  • +234-808223****

    02-03 12:42:07

    lf you don't want to stay with their mother then make sure the children stay with mother you will be going time to time to see them cos they are too small to remove them from their mother while the mother is still alive is too painful

  • GUEST_qXQVdxjr0

    02-03 04:21:01

    Settle with their mother pls

  • GUEST_q75R2VJA1

    02-03 12:52:51

    What Sort Of Evil Is This / Mother Of Children is Alive Another is Celebrating Them/ Hod Forbid/No weapon Formed Against me Shall Prosper & Any TONGUE That Rise Against Me Or My Family ,Thou Shall Condemn. Saith The Lord .

  • GUEST_qXQVdxjr0

    02-03 04:21:00

    Settle with their mother pls

  • GUEST_9195nOgrA

    02-03 09:52:49

    Let them go their separate way instead of killing themselves. When did separation become an abomination in Nigeria.

  • +234-802668****

    02-03 08:46:15

    Women do it more.

  • +234-80367****

    02-03 00:12:04

    Something is missing...

  • GodofReports

    02-02 22:22:52

    get the wife

  • BeepMedia

    02-02 22:16:53

    congratulations boy.

  • GUEST_v9J0y9odV

    02-03 03:52:21

    Troublesome man like his father of the olden days

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