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Godswill Akpabio Should Be Sacked Immediately To Save The Dignity Left In NDDC [Opinion] | All Comments

2020-07-18 13:30:07
Godswill Akpabio Should Be Sacked Immediately To Safe The Dignity Left In NDDC [Opinion] I have always been a big fan of Senator Godswill Akpabio, from when he was the governor of Akwa Ibom state with the gospel concerts he organizes, inviting gospel music ...
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  • AnthonyNtekim

    07-18 16:47:03

    have u heard from both the two parties before conclusion? is that how to sack in your on court of jurisdiction?

  • DavidEmmanuelEmi

    07-18 20:25:54

    the same reason why the akwabomites refuse and voted him out as a senator ,the man is thief and he should jailed, since ever he took over leadership of NDDC we as youths have not benefited anything, show him jail pls Mr president

  • +234-0813954****

    07-20 21:34:55

    this writer must be a very stupid fellow. I don't need to read your piece for the heading. the Minister cleared the air in the panel and you are here writing baldadash. the house Chairman and Senate Chairman on NDDC are supposed to be sent to jail if you don't know, nonesense

  • MbuotiluvMatthew

    07-18 17:12:04

    you are very stupid Mr writer

  • +234-90686*****

    07-18 16:55:56

    Which NDDC ever had dignity ?

  • +234-813609****

    07-18 16:53:52

    Yes he should be 🔥 fired so that the investigation can be successful.

  • +234-83789****

    07-18 14:39:20

    why would he been waiting for sack letter. He should step down.

  • MartinEbenezer

    07-18 17:33:34

    Mr writer think about ur self and leave God's will Akpabio alone ,even if the president sack him he won't lack for the rest of his life

  • DanielsAnike

    07-21 08:49:03

    No not until he has returned all d money, and mentioned all those contract were awared to and how they shared d money, sacked ke, he has to go to jail..

  • HamsGeorge

    07-20 22:36:34

    they are all greedy politician not dignities

  • GUEST_l0G3qGnp8

    07-20 21:10:10

    no more finding,if u don't mind he is the son of the sail's, let him take part of what northerner have been sharing before

  • olusesibabafemi

    07-20 20:47:03

    PMB will not sack him Ex EFCC acting Chairman that was denied confirmation twice by the 8th Senate bcs of DSS report on Magu, the President left him in office until last week media trial, People are clamouring for the removal of all security heads in the country due to proliferation different security issue till date nothing is done.

  • IndahYusuf_01

    07-20 18:16:22

    Godswill, this is the type that will be crying marginalization, give them a poste of responsibility, they go chop every thing, them say na God will, people are dying, a single man pockets every thing in hid pocket That is not God's will. Any way if proven guilty, he has to pay dearly according to the law. IY

  • KellyannBlessing

    07-20 15:20:18


  • GUEST_Wmr7bD2p3

    07-20 14:49:29

    I agree with u sir . that is if the presidency has in deed not in support

  • GodwinBassey_15

    07-20 14:15:14

    in just nine months 81 billion naira was spent, and nothing to show under akpabio.

  • +234-806491****

    07-20 10:10:45

    you know APC likes thief people more than the opposite. was it not this same Akpabio that was accused of how many billions immediately he stepped down as governor & APC invited him over that his sins will be blotted out.!

  • +234-806069****

    07-19 03:32:23

    No, Akpabio is the right person to be there. You can't sack a reformer for criminals..

  • Delivites

    07-18 19:55:17

    let him be eating forever, with the common wealth of Akwa Ibom and the Niger Delta region, and place others in severe pains. God will judge them and their family.

  • JonesAkokota_02

    07-18 16:19:02

    NDDC has no dignity left.

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