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ESN members burns down herdsmen camp in Ebonyi State after their invasion in Abia State (Video) | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:58:25
The Eastern Security Network (ESN), has stroked again after they allegedly burnt down the several camps and settlements belonging to the Fulani people in Isuikwuato Abia State. This time, unidentified men alleged to be the members of Eastern Security Netwo ...
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  • GUEST_48LjBzGab

    02-02 22:22:49


  • ObinnaUdeh_01

    02-02 21:07:35

    fake News everywhere

  • KoteBaridi

    02-03 07:46:50

    we are now living in a failed state of Nigeria were every body generates their own security apparatus to kill other people

  • GUEST_51Ev3rro2

    02-02 21:29:12

    Its a welcome development.... life is "precious " if the government can't protect her citizenship from( alien) Senegalese invaders who called themselves fulani ... indigenous Nigeria locals are ready to pay the price... even if its death. Fulani must go .... back to Senegal

  • GUEST_2AbjaGRoy

    02-03 10:26:59

    as sdddsts

  • GUEST_Z34b2YZa6

    02-03 09:02:19

    but this is an old info did it reoccure again?

  • UDUUCHENNAvictor

    02-03 07:25:57

    government should know what to do about all this fight every where killing people around.

  • +234-0803786****

    02-02 22:27:11

    Are these areas they are occupying farm settlements


    02-03 16:31:11

    Madness of the Janjaweed must be put to a stop. All hail ESN

  • DanielAkinyemi_02

    02-02 22:34:51

    At least to stop their evils

  • GUEST_n2EyDnDM8

    02-02 21:49:43

    l love dis GOD Bless u or

  • ObinnaUdeh_01

    02-02 21:07:13

    sahara idiots

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