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Checkout What A Woman Did To Warn Her Husband’s Girlfriend, That Made People React | All Comments

2021-02-22 10:55:53
Wonders shall never end.Rightly so because we encounter the most bizarre things day by day.Several men are involved in affairs outside their marriage.They often believe that their wives would never find out, but they usually do. ...
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  • TayoGee

    02-22 12:29:12

    She went too far to disgrace the side chick. What about her husband, even if the side chick wanted to force herself on her husband, he still had the option of saying NO. It takes 2 to tango

  • GUEST_gqoj0Emd7

    02-23 11:44:58

    At least,,, diz is a nice idea... U hav been rejecting men, still have interest in another woman's man. God will also punish girls who feel comfortable doing diz kind f act.

  • EuniceNjoku_02

    02-22 20:10:22

    wahala be lik wetin again,,,,,?

  • KakaWood_01

    02-22 19:17:01

    community affair

  • +234-806139****

    02-22 18:17:06

    very nice

  • GUEST_78MgPn5aG

    02-22 15:20:48

    A woman will not care for his husband and another woman will take him and she will be complaining. If you hold him well with good manners and attitude he will not leave you. Some of these women are always happy to see the man dead.

  • GUEST_Q1xGpzd79

    02-22 15:15:06

    Like of work doing

  • 091******

    02-22 20:51:38

    I dey hear some people dey say the wife went too far, hmmm, make e nor reach ur side u go know how e dey be, make una tell am o, make she leave her husband now o bfor Dem go read another new again o


    02-22 20:48:05

    if men are 1000, women are 6000. Now what will those other girls without man do ??? just asking

  • +234-703777****

    02-22 20:09:46

    Hmmmm, women sha but is this not defamation of character?

  • GUEST_x4QklbJQW

    02-23 00:53:18

    what if this sidechick did know that he was married because some men hide it

  • Scarlet-tt

    02-22 13:53:56

    y didn't she paste the husband's picture too? abi she dey fear panel beating/divorce

  • GUEST_zrmQrO1Dn

    02-24 12:00:04

    ow many ladies she won display their pics

  • ChristianAnulumadu_01

    02-22 12:49:52

    I like what she did

  • LydiaMutesi

    02-25 10:31:19

    women are more than men,and everylady wants to have aman.so dear we have to share the few.even our ancestors had many women and they were happy.so women should stop being greedy for nothing.

  • Jbelvis

    02-22 15:54:49

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  • GUEST_ZAed6plov

    02-22 14:34:01

    another good step for all this girl

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