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Check Out What Nengi Tweeted Days After Ozo Said He's Single During An Interview | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:05:05
Apparently, one of the interesting things BBNaija fans are looking forward to after the show is seeing the beautiful reality TV star, Nengi and Ozo, the ultimate light-skinned boy, as he's fondly called by Dorathy, together as lovers. Even though Nengi see ...
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  • GUEST_vK90ZvjwX

    02-02 17:00:39

    Inengi knows what she want she is going for her master's degree Ozo is busy chasing the shadow

  • +86-1314335****

    02-02 18:24:03

    So Please what does that mean?

  • PromiseOkwudiriIkechukwu

    02-02 17:38:10

    is a question of time,ife nine emeeee

  • JoyNzimiro

    02-03 01:05:30

    Ozo and Nengi are benefiting from each other, Nengi derived some fans through Ozo and definitely Ozo also derived some fans through Nengi. A lot of people love Ozo because of Nengi and vice versa. These two are enjoying symbiotic relationship, and they know it if I may add.


    02-02 22:23:45

    Cheap publicity. Am sure this writer is given some tip to keep posting these two names. idle man. Nengi is a high flyer she has her eyes on some whales and not Croaker.🤣🤣🤣

  • CelestinaEmezube

    02-03 05:53:31

    Oga writer get your information straight before posting rubbish,bcos I watched the interview where Nengi praised Ozo's parents and said that she wants to keep her "relationship from spoilers of beautiful things and she said she is a one man woman.so what else do you want to hear?


    02-02 17:40:34

    Cheap blog.You can never write any positive story about this two.When did ozo say he is single and what did Nengi say in Ghana about themselves?.Olodo

  • GUEST_YkezbBk4o

    02-03 07:35:37

    The show is over. Time to move on

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