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"Ronaldo Has Been Robbed Yet Again" - Reactions As Ballon D'or 2020 Is Cancelled Due To Coronavirus | All Comments

2020-07-20 14:11:57
For the first time in 1956, The Ballon D'or will not be Awarded at the end of season due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Barcelona star Lionel Messi was the winner of the 2019 Ballon D'or which saw him move on to 6 ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo who is currently ...
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  • OjoAbiodun_06

    07-20 16:37:35

    cR7 was robbed by who? this season:who is the best between these 5 players (1leo Messi, 2 R/Lewadoski, 3 Kevin debruyna 4 Kareem benzima and 5 CR7) let votes I cast my vote 1 Messi's winner 2 lewadoski runner's up 3 Kareem Benzima 3rd 4 CR7th 5 Kevin de brun

  • SamuelEKANEM

    07-20 15:47:22

    robbed how,do you think if the vote is conducted penaldo will be in the top 3?


    07-20 21:17:41

    the only person that has been robbed is lewandosky

  • Jenitalyf

    07-20 17:10:45

    abeg, people should say d truth 4 once nd stop basing everything on sentiment, Ronaldo deserves dat award

  • SimonMgbeafulu

    07-20 15:46:09

    Winning it doesn't any different though it matters,he remains Football Idol than Messi

  • RaphaelNnubia_01

    07-20 15:33:23

    wickedness in the high place... because Messi did not do well this season for that no Ballon d'or. God will not forget FIFA for the way they are treating Cristiano Ronaldo...guy, we know you are the best, this is exactly what J.J Okocha suffered in the hands of CAF in Africa. witch witch people

  • AsongoBasil

    07-20 16:11:31

    no need to think twice, Messi will therefore do as usual if not because of coronavirus

  • EseneChris

    07-20 16:07:51

    wo told u cr7 wud hav won it?

  • JonathanBawa_01

    07-20 16:16:13

    it was what they plan to do Ronaldo

  • OdiliIfeanyiKenneth

    07-20 20:24:01

    People with there rubbish comments. Who says Ronaldo would have won the balon d'or if it wasn't cancelled?

  • +234-703238****

    07-20 16:51:01

    It is a statement of fact that the Argentine player in Juventus has been more dependable this season ... Paolo Dybala is a class act indeed

  • +234-803083****

    07-20 16:31:35

    penaldo we win wat?who go dash monkey banana.

  • AkindejiBiyawo

    07-20 19:40:33

    how can ronaldo won ballondor this year he always played penalties to score a goal he s scores 11penalties out of 28 goals this season he can not even drebles past a. player

  • Khenysahm

    07-20 18:38:26

    so far all the leagues and competitions were concluded, I see no reason why the Balloon d'or shouldn't have been held. COVID-19 is no reason for it's cancellation.

  • AliyuMuhammad_66

    07-20 18:22:47

    even if it wasn't cancelled, Ronaldo would not win it

  • AmoussouPascal

    07-20 18:17:44

    by the way , are you people football fans or hand ball fans ? how can you measure Ronaldo in this year ballon d'or when they are so many players who performed better than him ? please all this you people stupid comment should stop . okay ? is not even among the top four .

  • Burutai

    07-20 16:56:53

    Cancelled for what reason! Is d whole clubs not given golden boot award? Unless, golden boot winners are suspended. Ronaldo is d owner. Messi is already out of line. So, as long as football wasn't suspended, ballon D' or will never.

  • AkaninyeneEtuk

    07-20 20:55:52

    stupid post. na Ronaldo own ballon d'or? is he not just an aspiring candidate just like others. people are really stupid, eg, the person that post this rubbish

  • DavidEmmanuel_30

    07-20 19:47:51

    ... Ronaldo was robbed cos it's his birth right abi! u think FIFA body is his blind follower like u guys

  • Gsfirstino

    07-20 19:45:21

    make we hear word abeg. which Ronaldo

  • Michael's

    07-20 19:10:46

    Or is it not messi that was robed instead??

  • jojayko

    07-20 18:51:31

    Lewandowski is ahead of the pack. Ronaldo fans should go and sit down

  • EgenweKelechi

    07-20 16:31:53

    what makes cr7 deserve it,mumu people

  • Mayorofpoly

    07-20 16:24:11

    See this mumu what's the special thing Ronaldo do this season bloody fool 🤣

  • StephenOdiase

    07-20 23:14:12

    Obviously ronaldo would have won the golden prestigious award that is Ballon D'or. Lewwndowski would hwve been the righful runner up and nothing else.

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