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Take this huge risk, to enjoy your marriage with your partner - Reno Omokri says | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:47:46
The institution of marriage is one that has a lot of things attached to it. Many people marry for love, some for money and others for that which them know themselves. But at the rate in which marriages do not work these days has been one sensitive topic th ...
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  • NostalGicme

    02-02 21:36:56

    this has always been something i check with every woman i have attraction for! i agree with it, anger is nothing good to live with.

  • GUEST_YGb4prylz

    02-02 21:23:54


  • GUEST_RYJDe1p2x

    02-02 20:36:43

    100% True uncle Reno

  • GOUN

    02-02 18:26:53

    100% correct

  • +234-0803579****

    02-02 19:24:41

    This man is really intelligent.


    02-02 18:21:55

    A wise fellow is slow to anger so quipped the good book, two can work only if they agree, tango club is only strickly a party for only two, if am right?

  • GUEST_n5ZapW1D3

    02-02 20:06:16

    am suffering it

  • OkonkwBensonObiora

    02-03 10:37:08

    wisdom in action

  • A_lister

    02-02 21:21:08

    To whom with ear let him hear

  • GUEST_Jgprg51R4

    02-03 22:11:18

    ,sir our dear country is on fire now can you write about the problem,all you think is marriage and relationship sman advice.

  • P3G3Y3

    02-02 19:00:24

    very true

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