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See What This Hausa Elder Said Will Happen If Northerns Take Revenge On Southerners | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:57:16
We all know what is happening in the Southern part of the country how Fulani herdsmen are been asked to leave and how the Eastern Security Network (ESN) have reportedly invaded the camp of Fulani herdsmen in Isiukwuato, Abia State, chasing them away and ki ...
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  • GUEST_Aon2bdj11

    02-02 21:29:40

    why are fulani being killed along side their cows in the south are they because they are not Nigerian ?.Why are they being deriven from some states in the south and elders dont talk?

  • BlacCzer

    02-02 21:48:06

    pls before they start killing innocent hausa in the South, fulani are not northern.cos I am from the north too, and am not a fulani,so if you say revenge all northern will be affected in the South.pls elder mind what you say inorder not to cos problem...

  • IssySmooth

    02-02 21:43:06

    It takes two to tango. If Hausas start retaliating, the Igbos, Yorubas and the South Southerners will start retaliating too. The final analysis is that Nigeria will then fold up.

  • AnthonyChidi-Onuigbo

    02-02 22:23:15

    The Igbo's in the North are going about their legitimate businesses.They are not land grabbing.They are not telling the Northerners that they are slaves to the Igbo's. They are not kidnapping the Northerners. So if the Northern elder is not considering these criminal behaviors of the Fulani, it means that he supports such misbehaviors. No sane Igbo man will agree to be a Fulani slave .God will forbid it

  • CyprianAgwuna_01

    02-02 22:34:52

    The truth of the matter is that not all Fulanis are bad and anti igbo or anti Southerners There are lots of Fulanis who are very good and understanding. Why was there no crises between Fulanis and the Southerners during the the regimes of Obasanjo, Yar Adua and Good luck Jonathan? Why did the crises suddenly start under Buhari. I am even more surprised from this statement coming from Tofa who at a time contested for the leadership of this country. If Buhari can no longer hold this country together. let him break the country along tribal lines let us all go our different ways. After all it was TY Danjuma a former Minister of defense who advised Nigerians to defend themselves since Army have become compromised in favor of Hausa fulani. The ESN of Nnamdi Kanu is following the advice of Gen Danjuma in protecting the South East region since they have no Army to protect them. The solution to this is very simple. Divide the country. North be on your own. West be on your own. Biafra hoist your flags in the south East and Niger Delta be on yoy own.

  • AgapeAgah

    02-02 21:58:02

    It seems the north has a hiding agendas otherwise, how can a senseable man would or tolerate the Fulani herders criminalities? Oh my God, if your childis a Thief, wouldn't you tell the whole world the truth? Let Dangote help Fulani herders to build ranches, this is because, nobody is ready to give his ancestors land for private use by Fulani herders!!!

  • JonahAtadiose

    02-02 22:51:16

    Please Mr Elder, don't Stoke a burning ember into a ravaging inferno. The Hausa and other tribes in the north are friendly and accommodating, even the Fulani's that used to go about their businesses in the south in the 70s to late 90s. This ugly events started when the north started welcoming all sort of Fulani's from different countries with violent orientation in the name tribal affiliation. We have Yoruba's in close to three West Africa countries, do the just troop into Nigeria to curse chaos ?

  • OkechukwuOnebunne

    02-03 02:36:12

    here we have many of housa people living with us peacefully inside our towns and cities but y must some of this fulani acquire our land by force, not only that, rapping, killing and destroying our crops thereby making us to be poorer, if u people have an evidence of any of the southerners that are making life unbearable for u people in ur on land, please u should come up with it as God knows we can never be in support of it ,our people are there developing ur towns and economies, have there be any one of them that has been proudly rapping ur wife's and children?,have they bn forcefully acquiring ur lands?are the doing pigry farm there as ur law forbids?how many Alhaji have they killed?,have u seen them going around with guns? all this and many more need to be answered

  • GUEST_nmYowWMY8

    02-03 08:49:54

    With regard to the present issues concerning allegations of illegal grazing, kidnappings, rapes, manslaughter, lynchings and illegal occupation/destruction of farmlands by Fulani herdsmen and the eviction/cowslaughter by ESN agents, it's important to put things in their true perspective. Recently, in the middle of a pandemic, Fulani herdsmen, their cows and armed bandits started trooping to the South/East in their thousands. There has been overwhelming evidence about having been terrorising, killing, raping and kidnapping South/Eastern citizens whilst destroying their properties. To the most basic reasonable person, this is asking for trouble. To the amazement of many, the government did nothing. The killers have never been apprehended and nobody conducted investigations. Now these people are trying to defend themselves, and this man is talking crap. Let it be known that South/Eastern people living in the North are neither there to terrorize their hosts nor to take possession of their lands illegally. They are there to engage in legitimate business/work activities. Over many centuries, the Biafrans who predominantly have been marginalised, have been requesting to be independent. Why not give them their independence. In my opinion, this will resolve the problem. Thanks.

  • GUEST_96jxKrQlR

    02-02 21:55:40

    so you mean you were dead when herds we're killing an innocent citizens here in the easth and rapping our women to death well if you like evil,then evil shall duel in your home foreve in Jesus mighty name

  • GUEST_oz2K9m66w

    02-03 01:42:01

    That northern elder that is threatening south with retaliation must be out of his senses, otherwise he should have asked himself what the South did to the North to deserve the unchecked menace of the Fulani cattle rearers.

  • YinkaSerrano

    02-02 23:32:39

    As much what you said about crises is TRUE. What then will you say about the people Fulanis' have raped and kill in tje South without any body to question, talk more of putting them to a check.

  • AnthonyAkabogu_03

    02-02 22:22:19

    When the fulanis gave the southerners quick notice, you did not complain so, why are complaining now?.

  • GUEST_rjMEjz0XN

    02-02 21:26:14

    l agreed with Hausa elder said president Buhari should act now, l have told him that before times without numbers. He feels that Aso Rock is the end of all


    02-02 21:10:11

    Is he an hausa elder or a fulani elder?

  • RotimiRogesin_01

    02-03 13:49:38

    if you do anyhow you will see anything everywhere

  • GUEST_L3mmP6wVo

    02-03 13:27:27

    As and elder pls. answer this question, one part of the country survives from farming and other part survives from cattle , why should the cattle come from far north the south / southeast to distroy the farmers crops?, pls. sir judge this.

  • BenedictOnwubuya

    02-03 12:46:09

    Actually his comments are not so bad, it's an urgent advice to Mr president Buhari. To found ending solution to the fulanis hausa's kidnappers and raping. including finding Solutions to their cows grazing and invading people s farm's.

  • GUEST_jDoo4nJZk

    02-03 10:42:20

    Elder, let there peace in this country. How do u justify it after planting ur crop, they come with their cattles to eat it Off, rape women and kill them in their ancestral land from all d the way from North. U are an elder and should fight to make peace not to instigate war.

  • JohnK.Udeh_01

    02-03 08:22:07

    For a better understanding, no attack is directed against the North or the Fulani herdsmen who respect the living existence of the people, in conducting their businesses, but the planted killers herdsmen whose duty is to destroy the people by all means to grab their land as to pave way to islamize them at the right time. The igbos doing businesses all over the country are blessings to the people, and whatever they do are in line with the acceptable norms of the people; why will anyone turn against them in their innocency? Evil and wickedness must be condemned no matter who practice it that mutual coexistence will be upheld for the interest of all sundries.

  • OdeyemiOlusegun_02

    02-03 08:03:00

    Please, May we know or understand if the Southerners in the North are committing Crimes like what the Fulani Herdsmen doing in the South. Elderly people, kindly let us share positive thinking. Don't give credit to your Child when practice I or doing wrong thing. What is bad is Bad. Is Bandits a good business, Rapping, Robbery etc. .Face the truth and give shame to Evil

  • +234-0818505****

    02-03 07:58:48

    Making trouble is not the solution because what we need is putting our heads together to fight this battle of nsurgency, kidnapping and other criminality activities than fighting each other and killing innocent people

  • BoltinJacob

    02-03 07:38:57

    Oga No, we no go co-exist. if you revenge on igbo's that are paying rent and paying levy to your government, you are gone forever. #morealmajiri, #morethiefing in D north

  • Sezz

    02-03 07:07:07

    Don't place another football bet until you Google Search "montecarlobetclub" and visit the website to learn how to stop losing bets on football matches. We all know what is happening in the Southern part of the country how Fulani herdsmen are been asked to leave and how the Eastern Security Network (ESN) have

  • GUEST_MAwq3LOl5

    02-03 06:43:17

    The so called elders of the north are the problem of their people. Why not tell the criminal herdsmen to behave themselves? Instead you are threatening innocent people with violence. Nobody has monopoly of violence. Gone are the days you make people afraid with such irresponsible threats. Stop encouraging your Fulani criminals. Nobody is ready to tolerate their menace anymore.

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