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See What The Army Said After Six Soldiers Were Reported To Have Been Silently Executed In Abuja | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:10:02
According to reports, six army personnel were said to have been silently Executed in Abuja. The controversial news was released with no evidence to support the claim. However, the media needs to be certain about a news before releasing it to the people. In ...
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  • GUEST_Bm0Rg5vdp

    02-02 16:16:43

    If it is fake news, can those six soldiers mentioned come out to prove the news fake please

  • DanielJames_43

    02-02 16:56:02


  • gospelagu

    02-02 18:04:38

    if fake news, let the people whose picture were published show themselves alive

  • GUEST_G9753qvGm

    02-02 17:33:20

    tell your own version that is tru by showings that they alive and hearty

  • EkeneOkenwa

    02-02 18:51:53

    Even you the writer have you verify weather the soldiers is still alive or not ??? before advice the media on verification

  • SolomonEjiroTedjere

    02-02 23:02:54

    Let de NIGERIAN Army show proof beyond reasonable doubt dat dis heart-breaking news involving de secret execution of Six Christian Igbo Soldiers is fake, else WE NIGERIANS will continue to believe de News is very true on grounds dat de NIGERIAN Army are only good in telling bloody lies & denying truthful FACTS as evident in de case of ENDSARS PROTESTERS who were gruesomely murdered broad-day light by de NIGERIAN ARMY after which they began to deny de Evil act & term de NEWS a fake news. Just de same way they keep telling us bloody lies dat President Buhari is still alive whereas President Buhari is long dead & secretly buried outside de soil OF NIGERIA. WICKED PEOPLE! Tribal & Religious bigots in ARMY UNIFORM secretly doing ethnic cleansing with every Political opportunity.

  • +234-802433****

    02-02 21:35:19

    Let the families of the personnels concern clear the air.

  • Vicsat1981

    02-02 23:24:45

    Bloody Nigeria military are all liers like lai mohamad tufiakwa unu ndi ara

  • GUEST_dJ34yg859

    02-02 22:03:31

    if not really please let them produce them

  • GUEST_8zav59zXz

    02-02 21:59:57

    Nonsense media

  • GUEST_7PW46eZRm

    02-02 21:21:18

    You guys are just trouble making fools

  • GUEST_ze7dMEo29

    02-02 21:09:13

    The names of the soldiers are mentioned so they should present them alive for us to see! As no body trust Nigeria army that has become a political party for Fulani's..

  • +234-0706237****

    02-02 18:24:15

    One day be one day !

  • OkeEdewor_02

    02-02 18:13:54

    after my marriage I told my wife that whenever I offend you tell me if am wrong I will apologize cuz I don't need third party or anyone from my family or her family to settle us. if create avenue for third party in your marriage your marriage is gonna collapse.

  • Nze4life

    02-02 17:53:54

    Let's see them in life video, remember they have families if truly they are still leaving in the land of the living

  • SamUche_03

    02-02 16:46:09

    for Nigeria army to respond to this this is truth

  • GUEST_MpOLvDjeb

    02-03 06:02:39

    My people we have no any country other than this Nigeria why distroying it with fake news this particular article can set the country on fire

  • RejoiceJoseph_01

    02-03 03:25:09

    You are telling us is fake news, let them come out and tell us we are alive to clear the air. nothing people no go see. One Nigeria is a scam.

  • GUEST_akBlYamYy

    02-02 18:48:37

    Army also said it's fake news that they went to lekki toll gate. Every uncovered news in Nigeria is fake news to the authorities

  • stanleyoguejiofor

    02-02 18:29:57

    so we assume its a fake news, BUT where are these heroes with uploaded pictures above?, I personally want them on a national television to tell us that they are alive!!! my opinion

  • +234-706523NHca

    02-03 14:33:02

    If it's true can military accept the killing when they said it was secret, something done in secret is something you want to deny when ask.

  • GUEST_lve77WNmN

    02-03 14:32:09

    Nijja na wa that. One na there property. The denied denied the shooting at Lakki tolgate that have an evidence. Ndi ara zoo nation law only works on low class citizens.

  • BoltinJacob

    02-03 06:48:51

    Nigerian Army should kill more igbo soldiers, since they can't see D handwriting on D wall. let them kill all of them, how can I serve in zoo army? God of Biafra forbid it


    02-03 00:11:51

    that buratai and his cohorts should be invited by the icc for clarification because he knows and knows many things about ethnic cleansing and boko Haram activities.

  • IkechukwuPhillips

    02-02 23:43:01

    if you deny produce them

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