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See What A Yoruba Retired Major Posted About Yoruba Elders Which Made People To Praise Him - Photos | All Comments

2021-02-02 20:03:54
See What a Yoruba retired major posted about Yoruba elders which made readers to commend him for his stand and brilliant idea. Prince Loye Akinlade Tunde is one fearless, and brilliant retired military officer who rose to the rank of a major before he reti ...
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  • KehindeAdebisi_02

    02-02 22:23:58

    Sooner or later, this Government will know that Sunday lgboho is not alone, all Yoruba youths are behind him.

  • GUEST_B7q1YzNVr

    02-03 08:27:36

    Adara fun yin sir agba yin adale oju yin ko ni ribi. It shall be well with you and all your children. hausa are standing with their own the cows are standing by their cows why is yoruba leaders are speaking in parables? Thanks for your courage, God bless you sir carry go

  • GUEST_gwqXdoDj3

    02-02 23:32:23

    Excellent....May you leave long Sir.

  • AdemolaFolarinR

    02-02 21:57:46

    Sure we still have some faithfully elders in Yoruba land

  • OnovwiroroOnoriode

    02-02 23:06:23

    BABA,,, may God Almighty protect you for us

  • Mi2one

    02-02 22:07:02

    I'm very happy hearing this from this worthy man Sir yes Sir.

  • JideKola

    02-02 21:57:56

    you are indeed a worthy leader, l am proud of you

  • GUEST_6lY8mX2zl

    02-03 08:09:50


  • adetem

    02-03 07:34:46

    wonderful baba, many Nigeria army soldiers which are Yoruba will even resign and join hand to it out, after all many of them are dying in the northern land by this same Fulani herdsmens and boko haram northerners... God bless u for speaking up sir, e rowa lagbara kale soro soke bi tiyin sir.

  • GUEST_91x5J04pK

    02-03 07:10:37

    we are gradually getting there, Daddy thanks a bunch.....

  • AkinBen_01

    02-03 06:02:37

    Yoruba all the way

  • GUEST_bzanVa3YK

    02-03 00:10:49

    Indeed, this is one of the youth expectant word from elderly one in boost their morale to dislurge the wicked ones not only herdsmen in the region.

  • OdemwingiePrecious

    02-02 23:07:11

    The Yorubas awaken up

  • AgbajeRasak

    02-02 23:03:40

    Oduduwa a gbe yin sir , Agba yin a dale fun gbogbo Omo Oodua tokan tokan , ki nse awon agba jegudu jera , to je wipe ipo ni won nwa kiri lodo Fulani ni Abuja , Titi awon Fulani herdsmen ti fe pawa tan ,awon Ole olojukokoro jati jati ,

  • +234-806499****

    02-02 22:46:15

  • +234-806209****

    02-05 21:57:20

    That is a Man 😍

  • OsanayeDMX

    02-05 00:40:41

    kaabiesioooo. we are ready to fight the battle sir

  • NijiStephen

    02-04 21:58:36

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  • GUEST_kZOndPo0p

    02-03 19:53:58

    great man

  • AdetokunboAdekunle

    02-03 19:37:15

    well done major but equip the boys with those guns that you use during the last war ooo biko


    02-03 16:31:10

    God bless you sir

  • GUEST_Qml5Kj9Do

    02-03 11:45:33

    Bless you sir u are not like the Abuja oba or Abuja kabiyesi with envelope in which history will judge them if their master spears them wake-up don't be too late before you the right things when the time comes every kobo u collect fulani will be paid back in full go and read history very well


    02-03 11:16:46

    I have said it before we have millions of igboho in Yoruba Land Kabiesi e pe funwa

  • AdesuyiAdesanmi_02

    02-03 09:10:13

    God bless baba,I dey your side

  • Ozoiyiagbaoku

    02-03 08:15:02

    thank God that SW is now awaken from slumber, it remains SS youths. because only youths can do this work that's coming well.

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