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If You Received This Message From NYIF, Congratulations You Are Qualified For The Loan. | All Comments

2021-02-08 16:44:55
This is to inform the general public that the National Youth Invest Fund has started sending a congratulatory message from the applicant that apply for the loan.Here is the type of message you will receive when you are shortlisted below for the scheme. ...
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  • haiba

    02-08 19:43:26

    I also received this message I cliq and input my bvn but m yet to receive any message on my email

  • +234-0806790****

    02-09 05:02:30

    I received d message but no email confirmation yet

  • AdamuIsa_24

    02-08 21:14:16

    Adamu lsa. l have not received any message please help me out

  • ShadrachOchim

    02-18 10:12:45

    I haven't received any message but I have filled the form.

  • IsiakaIdris_03

    02-12 18:47:22

    Many received the message without undergoing the training, I just hope and pray they pay

  • GUEST_6Xw5m0NEO

    02-09 20:38:12

    please I have not seen any message, please assistance

  • GUEST_A0kvm9y1G

    02-11 16:51:09

    I got my message today I am very grateful God bless baba buhari and pls when are u giving out d money


    02-08 22:12:57

    I received the message but no email confirmation yet, please what way out??

  • +234-0806934****

    02-21 07:53:23

    no email confirmation yet


    02-15 16:47:44

    When will they open the site ?

  • DanjumaPeter

    02-10 13:21:20

    I received the message and after filling it I didn't receive the verification email message

  • AdamuIsa_24

    02-08 21:14:16

    Adamu lsa. l have not received any message please help me out


    02-17 00:13:05

    Have not received the verification link from email, aside from the message sent to me.

  • IbrahimSidiGarba

    02-14 16:39:43

    I have received the pre qualified message but yet to receive an email please, thank you.

  • GUEST_MRpgxY6Er

    02-10 22:06:35

    I didn't received a message but I put my VBN to the link ant it already opened and put password and confirmation said verify your email unfortunately nothing inside my email

  • ConelusOkwuchukwu

    02-09 16:23:37

    pls someone who received covid 19 loan is possible to receive this nyif too.

  • AwalMohammed_32

    02-09 06:46:01

    I haven't received any message please

  • LawalAdegbolaJamiu

    02-08 22:29:00

    This scammers university! Lolz

  • GUEST_Boad5dADy

    02-08 21:34:20

    I also received the message but yet I did not see any massage from on my email to confirm it

  • GUEST_zQR7KlmaZ

    03-09 19:29:35

    I also received this message, and input my bvn and submitted successful

  • DongsonManasseh

    02-23 23:34:59

    Have seen my but clicking on it showing me service unavailable

  • +234-0705425****

    02-17 15:10:35

    i haven't received any response after I have successfully submitted my details.

  • BuhariMuhammadFormular

    02-17 09:55:30

    I have get a message pre qualify

  • GUEST_4aykAyoVB

    02-16 20:18:23

    I have not received any message

  • +234-0816875****

    02-13 08:06:15

    yes seen the message for the Notification but am waiting for the confirmation in my email

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