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15 Times Sunday Igboho Was Seen Wearing Clothes Full of Charms (Photos) | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:33:04
Sunday Igboho is no longer a stranger to every Nigerian, especially the Yorubas. He's an activist who has been helping different states, in their fight against Fulani herdsmen, who are disturbing the peace of some communities in Yoruba land. From the first ...
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  • Mbawilsonchukwu

    02-03 01:40:24

    y is it that this writers are now focusing on the bullet proof or what they call that Ighoho is putting on? how does that seems like their business for crying out loud

  • +234-806068****

    02-02 23:08:27

    That's the logo of original African man

  • IsmailaMuhammadRabiu

    02-02 23:18:32

    Well i think he is traditionally bless by his forfathers

  • Chinnyzion

    02-03 04:20:15

    Fulani has over do, it is high time for them to quit


    02-05 06:10:23

    most likely. his actions shows. may he never betrayed by his fellow Yorubas

  • McFrayoOmoaka

    02-03 13:14:27

    so, do u want to decide the cloth he wears (u go count taya

  • Americanigga

    02-02 23:22:16

    He is making Yorubas proud

  • BitcoinsDirectorsDingCompany

    02-03 18:46:58

    mind your business mr perfect...

  • GUEST_YeRBn97oW

    02-03 08:17:36

    Why must you focus on what he wears,you are an evil that's up to something more evil within d society. You need to be removed.

  • GUEST_oajEm1JXn

    02-03 07:38:08

    I love him like that

  • GUEST_ZZl2o9qKn

    02-03 17:14:24

    yes what is a big deal he is using d power at his disposal to defend himself and god is behind him .Nigeria problems can not be solved with in Jesus name alone enough of deceiving ourselves with in Jesus name even in d Bible god said you don't allow witches to kill you .

  • DanielNdatah

    02-03 13:46:06

    please let him change his name from Sunday to Juju ...his present name doesn't match his beliefs and actions..!!

  • NafiuAdeyemi_01

    02-03 12:36:17

    Only God the merciful can save Yoruba,not charms.

  • GUEST_3aPXeaQ28

    02-03 08:48:41

    Sundays actions is due to federal government lackadaisical attitudes towards incessant attacks onto helpless Yoruba citizens in fact security of lives and properties in Nigeria is grossly under treat

  • SuperKing

    02-03 06:51:48

    that's what dey call " protect before protest" 😂

  • Wemmyleks

    02-03 05:42:26

    You posted rubbish🤫

  • AkinseloyinAyomiDeji

    02-03 04:31:44

    OK oo

  • +234-803831****

    02-02 23:11:47

    yes,the guy know criminals well.That is African bullet proof.He belief it and that is it.The guy hehe was in his village enjoying his life but the trouble maker Boko Haram mascurading as Fulani go wake am.Me I no blame am.He be on Yoruba stats defending his people.I like him.

  • GUEST_lYGne5DqR

    02-02 22:30:06

    he truly mean business


    02-03 04:49:46

    whatever he needed to do to save his people let him do it time is running out


    02-03 12:36:48


  • OlalekanOlaniyan_02

    02-03 09:59:22

    so what is your own with that

  • GUEST_apwaGwalG

    02-03 08:29:46

    Good like

  • MichaelObara1

    02-03 06:30:51

    wy ighoho is always crying if he have all this power to attack herdsmen is that how they cry before attacking in your land?

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