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"All Igbo Investment In The North Will Remain Secure, There'll Be No Reprisal Attack," Adamu Assures | All Comments

2021-02-02 20:37:33
Following the recent happenings in the country involving herdsmen and some communities in the South East and West, a northerner and former presidential candidate, Garba Adamu has shown his support and stance on the crisis rocking the Fulani herdsmen settle ...
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  • GUEST_qMND89ybn

    02-02 23:13:54

    ur ppl get oil wells for South too!

  • princeofoma

    02-02 23:20:12

    My brother people of foreign fulani people infulence Nigeria fulani into killing, rapping, kidnappings, destroying of farm lands, now you if you fall victim of one of the operation will you be happy

  • QuintisLantulusBatiatus_

    02-02 22:09:34

    We hope so, we pray there will never be any reprisal attack on anyone. However, I disagree with your assurance because you cannot influence any reprisal in the north if it occur. Let this assurance come from northern elites and influential northern elders who are the movers and shakers of northern affairs, only then would we advise southerners to relax. Vulnerable citizens should not turn blind eye to security conciousness and keep loosed because Adamu Garba gave assurances.

  • GUEST_grerpRPbr

    02-02 22:27:41

    say no to wahala. but!

  • UmehArinzeMento

    02-04 10:49:38

    who's cares any Igbo man still in the North is foolish

  • jubrinsudan

    02-04 04:33:25

    Yes, but will be given special Ghana laws after that .

  • EmmanuelEzenwa_04

    02-03 09:51:43

    Remember the north may just be like only 5 states o. Taraba, Nassarawa, Adamawa, Kaduna, Niger, Benue, Abuja, Ilorin, Kogi to name a few are not Northern states o. When ever set, they will decide their destiny. Who wants to stay with killers.

  • Grubo66

    02-03 03:40:54

    start the reprisal now. disintegration loading. death is inevitable

  • ChijiokeHarbor

    02-03 00:32:32

    you have spoken well, but doubt your sincerely, georging from your initial statements, the truth is the fulanis don't forgive and they never give up, hundred years on they will retaliate, but now the Southerners are wiser, and they will never lose guard, what you just said is a typical thing with which you use to hold the hausa Man down as your slave, bui now they are wiser and will never listen to or join you or even fight for you. The game is up.

  • +234-0706237****

    02-02 23:25:15

    Adamu , feel free to carry out reprisal attacks in the manner our people operated , period ! Comb all your forests and arrest our people who left town to go there to live like animals ; thereafter set ablaze all the rickety shanties the had put up . Round them all up and send them down South for us to exorcize out of them , the spirit of the wild animals .

  • LanreyOgunleyeh

    02-02 22:19:06

    Shey this man sabi see road sha.....Always make ur research b4 you speak Oga Adamuu mumu kunu pls

  • ZicoIsaacEkpaEkpa

    02-02 21:47:08

    bros, you have real time ooo, which way nija

  • indigGlo

    02-04 12:35:31

    The northern elites are behind these Fulani herdsmen criminal activities, and are quick to defend in every way. Garba Adamu take the herdsmen back to Sokoto or Kano, plenty lands for the their cattle rearing

  • +234-81239

    02-03 00:56:58

    i will advice those easterners that are doing business in the north to come back, befor they will fall a victim, aha agbara ama anogi eri nwa nkworo

  • OluwatoyinOlupayimo

    02-03 00:36:59

    Garba Adamu, tell me sincerely, do you like the way fulani herdsmen are killing, raping, kidnapping pple here, you heard about how they were staying along lokoja Abuja road to slugther pple, along Ondo ore road as the kill pple, asking for the ransome from pple after kidnapped, don't forget what Fulani did in Southern Kaduna ,killed pple, rendered them homeless, just tell me in one sentence is that good of them? . When the Southern Kaduna reprisal attack which as a result of their attack in Kaduna, faced the fulani to deal with them by killing them and their cattles, what was your reaction to it?. Remember no Hausa is mentioned, only Fulanis, so dont try to mix up things, shouting on them in North, South, East, West. Try and call them to correction, bcos anywhere they are they prove brutal, but for what, get checked.

  • ChanzeBreazePattanze_02

    02-03 00:24:30

    old boy, you are getting wiser

  • PaulChukwuEbuka

    02-02 23:27:22

    try it and Nigeria will Born down

  • GUEST_Kl5550BX4

    02-02 22:53:48

    No retreat No surrender very soon we will revenge if serious action not taken.

  • +234-0810159****

    02-02 22:40:10

    Please what the Economy of the North without the Igbos ? I don't like discussing all this go check the people behind the little GDP of the North. destroy them and go in to perpetual extreme poverty. Which developed countries still practice nomadic way of rearing animals? is that what we cannot openly tell ourselves. it's quite unfortunate

  • OroyovweEmmanuel

    02-02 22:28:52

    let them revenge and see wether the consequence will be entertaining


    02-03 07:15:20

    oga let's disintegrate. let the north go and enjoy their abondant wealth

  • GUEST_D17NArmDk

    02-03 05:48:35

    Nobody should take this guy serious.Arm yourself and be ready for counter attack.They must come.They are not civilised at all.


    02-02 22:39:36

    I dont even see why there should be any thought of reprisal against any southern interests in the north. This is because the south is not in any way fighting northern interest in any part of the south. Bandits and kidnappers which the south is resisting are foreigners who are tearing Nigeria apart. Except if the north is backing these foreigners who are killing southerners. I noticed that malan adamu Garba only mentioned igbo as not being qualified for reprisal. Is that a way to divide the south

  • Ahaegbustanley

    02-02 22:37:21

    every one need to be extremely vigilante and conscious of him or herself seriously ....

  • JamesWilliams_07

    02-02 22:21:48

    is only God loves Fulani and Hause When the Fulani start you may be very wonder Because Fulali will Invite Niger chadi camar I pitty you You Don´t Fulani Fight well Never end from now to 200 Years

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