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These Photos Of ESN And Herdsmen Flaunting Guns Will Show You Why FG Needs To Act Fast | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:43:19
The activities of the Eastern Security Network and that of Herdsmen in Nigeria has been a topic of discussion for days now. For some time, Nigerians have been wondering why some herdsmen are seen in possession of Guns to protect their Cattle. However, peop ...
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  • +234-803517****

    02-03 04:39:51

    Since Fulani herders have and being killing innocent people what have you done or said.Now we have finally gotten people that will combat with them you are talking nonsense.When did federal government gave fulani the authority to carry AK 47?.For your information if federal government decide to force ESN to drop their weapon. that is to say your government have started war against Igbos,because of their hatredto Igbos. and this time is not going to be as before, remember that ESN volunteer force not terrorist group, so they are all ready to die securing their land.the AK 47 you complain is the one you see, what of those higher sophisticated ones you never see and will not see until when the need arise, had it being that Nigeria government reason proper, they wouldn't have taken Igbos for granted,after seeing the level of their intelligence and ingenuity, Nigeria play politics of tribalism .they will feel the heat, NIGERIA should remember that in 1967 everything was purely analog,now we are purely in a digital era,and nobody can stop it.

  • OlugbengaSosanolu

    02-02 21:37:30

    isn't the same fed govt that kept silent when the criminal called herdsmen are moving freely with sophisticated weapons are you calling upon, ok to start withdrawing those weapons that the Fulanis will have a free slaughtering with impunity?

  • GUEST_eRxerVgZe

    02-03 04:54:03

    The federal government is sleeping over issues that need to be tackle immediately.Nigerian are seeing what the Leaders in this country are doing.The ESN and the Herdsmen can be wiped out if the federal government takes the issue as a serious one.

  • MichealNoah_02

    02-03 09:59:33

    all what I can says is that,,let the fulani government tell his terrorists brothers in all biafra land bushes and forests and come out to live with people,,or let them all go back to the northern states or sambisa forest

  • Orangeman

    02-03 06:30:48

    Mr writer why don't you yourself pls act fast and do something to stop them before it gets out of hand pls.

  • KingsleyAdibe

    02-02 23:23:02


  • MartonsOluoha

    02-02 22:26:15

    Is buhari who hired the killers known as herdsmen to come and destroy the easterners..is him who brought A k 47 and is him who will remove the Ak47 guns from Nigeria..shame to him .Mr President. u need war u will see sky war ..time shall tell.

  • ChukwuzitereZyteOrakwelu

    02-03 21:26:06

    now you are concerned bcos esn rose to the challenge.hypocrites

  • +234-0807934****

    02-02 21:50:52

    Herdsmen are foriegn soldiers

  • OkoliChioma

    02-02 22:04:54

    Nonsense write up. What are you insinuating?. So our security Network just like Amotekun is now competing with killer herdsmen? Borrow sense Mr writer

  • GodwinEkeleme

    02-05 14:33:10

    Mr writer, with due respect to you, your article makes no sense and is of no moment. the Fulani militia whom you refer to as herdsmen has been terrorizing and killing Nigerians since 2015 till date without the government doing anything or punishing any of them or disarming them despite the cries of Nigerians. the first law of every human is self preservation especially when the game if the day has refused to protect Nigerians which is the primary purpose of government. ln such a situation the people are legitimately entitled to protect themselves

  • LawalAdeosun

    02-04 11:59:14

    The simple solution is just to withdraw all the fullani jihadist with ethnic cleansing agenda

  • UchennaSamuelUnachukwu

    02-03 21:34:33

    where is nnamdi KANU: I need to kiss him


    02-03 07:02:45

    Who gave d Fulani herders their guns & what were dey given d guns for??? d ESN have a clear purpose of having their guns, does d Fulani herders have any if not to fulfil politicians who are using dem against d peace on dis nation????

  • OjoBolade

    02-03 21:08:53

    Bihari looked away when foreigners entered Nigeria with sofisticated weapons in the name of protecting cattles. They have been terrorizing people. Let govt collect AK 47 from herders first.

  • BarryKing_01

    02-03 10:23:28

    The ESN will continue to grow from strength to strength until buhari & his herdsmen brothers leave the Eastern farmlands.

  • GUEST_xvOVl7Dea

    02-14 00:27:51

    Hopeless question! Is government that purchased it for them? Stop deceiving yourselves, Nigeria cannot work again

  • OnwuazorAdamma

    02-07 12:54:24

    Is by chance FG gives them.

  • DimakatovEranus

    02-06 18:10:06

    the problem is that these fools called fulani herdsmen has allowed to carried gun for no reason and they have seen it fit to use it for other destructive purposes, nigerian government is the worst leadership in the history of humanity! all hail Biafra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JeffreyKeneyinbo

    02-05 11:40:26

    Do u know how long have the Fulani-Hausa herdmens been carrying gun? How many times have u writer call on the government or question the police on how they come about AK-47 they are brandishing? How come the guns ESN just carry this few days to protect their people become an issue? Pls Nigerians be sincere in our doings

  • GUEST_ngD8MlaXG

    02-03 17:19:07

    Fulani buhari planned the genocidal massacres of indigenous communities with Buratai supplier of arms and ammunitions to Boko Haram. Buhari's is the troubleshooting and enemy of the progressive masses of NIGERIA indigenous peoples by importing Fulani herdsmen, militia hoodlums bandits taking over the ancestral lands. Arrest buhari for crimes against humanity punishable under UN chapter 149 ICC world court in the Hague. Ethno religious cleansing land grab, genocidal massacres of IPOB, Shiite etc

  • GUEST_yrpYbENvD

    02-03 04:39:19

    Are you comparing ESN with those jihadists criminals

  • GUEST_9Dw7RXPlx

    02-03 00:14:03

    The federal government is dead. For years communities were terrorized by herdsmen carrying sophisticated weapons. Reports got to the government and instead of acting to disarm the criminals, the government went after the victims who tried to defend themselves. It didn't occur to the government that just as the criminals it supported had access to those weapons, the victims, who have been pushed to the wall, can equally do the same.

  • GUEST_8DbBDgzqZ

    02-06 16:46:14

    na so we see am for this government

  • SolomonOlaoluwa

    02-06 10:51:26

    Where the law enforcement fails, anacky takes control.

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