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FFK's Ex-wife Precious Stuns In New Photo Says - "This Golden Silence Will Soon Be A Joyful Song" | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:57:59
Silence is golden, there are things that are better left unsaid in order to protect someone that you love or admired. Precious as a mother did not want to say certain things about her personal matter. She believe that all will be fine someday. She is the o ...
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  • angelmark

    02-02 17:16:43

    Beautiful nonsense. Please go and fence your family. That's the work of a beautiful woman. There's nothing like brand new okirika. Your beauty is your home. If physical abuse is not there, so many women has seen the worst things but PREVAILED. Go and make it work child of GOD. Your GOD will help you. Cry to GOD. THE MOST DANGEROUS WEAPON ON EARTH IS TEARS OF A WOMAN. DEADLIER THAN COVID-19

  • +234-0802891****

    02-02 16:53:55

    This woman fineooo

  • GUEST_oJoB2arVV

    02-02 20:10:20

    You guys expect FFK to keep this hut pant at home? Impossible

  • GUEST_QyglDOeOp

    02-02 19:48:03

    She is going to be the happiest woman on earth by the time the kids grow up when she will still remain very young so nothing spoil at all please remain happy

  • mummylistic

    02-02 20:37:33

    I wonder what this fine dude from Igbo clan sees in old polygamist FFK that can't even appreciate her. Girls i encourage you to be patience, don't jump into marriage bc of money, fame, and infatuation. Look out for ur mate that are compatible with u. Marriage requires serious efforts, else what pursue the other wives will surely pursue u. Patience is the key. Look at what is happening to our young girls who married a polygamist men.

  • FranchiseENT

    02-02 17:28:15

    are you interested in another marriage?

  • ChuksAnyagham

    02-03 08:39:32

    Nothing lasts forever.

  • EhizojieDavid

    02-02 22:55:51

    .... .. . . . the reason u abandoned your marriage??

  • MarkSyl

    02-02 19:33:26

    silent I am also !!!

  • +234-0806761****

    02-02 18:42:29

    I'm seeing another marriage from her soon. she will claim those kids soon. this man allows devil to enter his home, Government officials will soon interven on this matter if care is not taken.

  • GUEST_l1Q5rNbl5

    02-02 18:01:18


  • GUEST_KwBm9B8ox

    02-02 21:05:38

    My sister the devil can't overcome you but you are going to overcome the devil. I have been praying for you and your God given children. It shall be well with you.

  • GUEST_oRBr9bZg0

    02-02 20:20:07

    May God help you to overcome every challenge you are passing through.

  • BenardWesley

    02-02 19:35:29

    go back to your children anything outside that is useless.

  • GUEST_qXQVdxjr0

    02-02 19:08:41

    Beautiful woman hope u will sing a good song to us. Your fans can't love u less.

  • GUEST_3X5jOgRd4

    02-02 18:28:02

    It is obvious she still loves him (FFK), else, there is no reason for such public display of future plans.


    02-02 17:40:14

    Lady, u are so pretty .Keep it up.

  • CharlesOjo_01

    02-02 17:29:26

    You've natural beauty indeed as if she's not given birth.FFK is a man with full of beautiful wives

  • AngyIhuoma

    02-04 22:02:49

    Beautiful lady, continue to take care of yourself.


    02-04 04:20:44

    Guard your life jelously, except there is a remedy for the previous cause of your separation, don't be tricked back in

  • GUEST_qBemnpe26

    02-03 12:53:32

    God makes all things beautiful in his own time.

  • GUEST_lLbzpbnLB

    02-03 09:03:08

    She is advertising for another politician.

  • +234-0807934****

    02-02 19:57:52

    Na FFK old meat nah....

  • GUEST_elN7Xb1zj

    02-02 18:24:13

    You're such a Pretty Angel... But I blamed u ladies by falling in love wrongly over a man popularity or wealth. Am very sure u shld av a lot of admirers before u get married to that wolf and ingnored them .. Look forward and secured Arrogon back and never thought of going back to that marriage...

  • Abiolalebi

    02-02 17:41:46

    Na d tin wey una de look for b dis baby mama for big men, Na d end b dis, olojukokoro children

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