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See how social media users reacted after a Lady decides to charge Sunday Igboho and Kanu to Court | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:08:17
A Twitter user identified as, Kaisha Abu-labah has taken to her Twitter handle to drag Nmandi Kanu and Sunday Igboho to Court. She made this known after she celebrated her "call to bar" victory as a young Lawyer.  According to Kaisha Abu-Labah she said; ...
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  • GUEST_8bqkqeMqW

    02-02 21:13:18

    Fulani lawyer


    02-02 23:18:27

    You just started your life pls don't start with this is an advise.

  • KennethOnyebuchi_02

    02-02 21:15:27

    beauty without brain is equal to liability. that is what you are your people. nothing concerns Nnamdi KANU with your being called to bar through the quota system of the north.

  • OsanayeDMX

    02-05 00:46:26

    Animal can't dash us human right.... go to bush idiot

  • DanielUgwu_04

    02-02 22:05:30

    at least she succeeded in gaining fame.no be small thing.

  • GUEST_A7jk14Ya9

    02-05 09:06:33

    Dog wey wan loss bo go hear the hunter trumpet o

  • AminuS

    02-04 16:36:32

    Go and start with your brothers and sisters Almajiris who are begging, polluting and committing crimes in southern States. Talk to your brother Shakau BH leader to stop killings and your mumu leader to get him and his cohorts arrested and prosecuted. Useless lady.

  • GUEST_y6gJaNx8z

    02-04 07:45:57

    She is not Nigerian,she will go Nije go to practice her lawyer,wen they wrote the constitution have born her someone who just come from EGG robussh

  • PaulyNnamdi

    02-03 20:26:41

    Animal farm on display

  • JosephEze_19

    02-03 17:00:19

    Look at you, Amala Yash. Are you seeking for notice?

  • GUEST_6oGl0vp9n

    02-03 12:48:43

    ,How many heldsmen did u charge court ad how many heldsmen are in prison all has been freed

  • FunmiAkindele

    02-03 06:51:07

    Madam lawyer ate starting your work with this issues you better sit-down in one corner and be watching yeye compand lawyer


    02-02 21:43:27

    Excitement of being called to bar is still tossing her around, it understandle.

  • AloysiusNnanna

    02-02 20:22:39

    Right ?! But under a non terrorist government.

  • croczunits_01

    02-05 11:00:00

    Ara madam "incubated lawyer" ko fi Tara Tara yaa. E maa binu si won oo

  • DanAmana

    02-05 08:32:50

    Good idea, drag the blood sucking vampires to Court 👍

  • GUEST_ZZl2o9qKn

    02-04 16:00:50

    let her go a head

  • +234-0806761****

    02-03 18:43:22

    "my sister ur welcome "

  • ChijiokeMadonaUzoma

    02-03 15:18:40

    if you don't know how to manage your madness it will explode, what your. father could not do how what did you think you can do?

  • +234-803313****

    02-03 09:18:10

    Beauty that goes with brain. Sweetest of them all.

  • OmotolaGladys

    02-03 04:10:55

    Be ready also to be charged to court with your killer Fulani herdsmen by Kanu and Sunday Igboho

  • GUEST_OXqjyxeNl

    02-03 03:55:08

    who is father and mother monkey child

  • globaltravelevents

    02-03 03:38:52

    nothing? “Where were the police and security agencies when those people were being killed? If their killers were not brought to book, we could have more than 10,000 Sunday Igbohos in one day if care is not taken.”


    02-03 02:03:48

    whatever it is tge northerners always forgets that it is the soldiers from the south that are made to go and fight terrorism in the north.i wonder are it will be when we finally disintegrate from these people ,i but they would suffer more

  • GUEST_4NrAn2lWZ

    02-02 23:54:21

    u her stupid absolutely

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