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Meet The Beautiful Nollywood Actress Who Is An Executive In Oil And Gas Industry (Photos) | All Comments

2021-02-02 21:24:25
We have lots of talented Celebrities in the Nollywood Movie Industry and most of these Celebrities are also workers in different companies. In this article, we will be talking about a beautiful Nollywood Actress who is also An Executive in an oil and gas i ...
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  • alagogok

    02-03 00:27:24

    l love her but why the show off don't allow kidnappers to kidnap you ooo just an advice.

  • SamuelAgonsi

    02-03 03:33:36

    stall news,how long will u be cv advertising this lady? when u are profiling someone write the person date of birth,finally let her humble herself & with prayers submit her request to God almighty

  • luckyodede

    02-03 05:41:08

    She should think of getting married , not just flaunting her self being a celebrity and been pet with her size. All is vanity my dear

  • GUEST_0pYq9AqLN

    02-03 03:31:17

    big man's food o

  • PeculiarOladele

    02-03 07:55:10

    why telling us this?

  • GUEST_Q2O2e677k

    02-03 06:58:34

    so lovely.is she married i like her very beautiful

  • AdeyemoOladele

    02-07 10:30:48

    good morning

  • Dorlarsign

    02-03 17:15:14

    you are so wonderfully made

  • emmydo

    02-03 15:31:08

    Hmm...I c.

  • HamidBlack_01

    02-03 12:14:40

    Makeup is a great deceiver. It makes an old woman to appear younger than her real age.

  • OlusolaAgbalu

    02-03 11:12:06

    opera new I will soon unfollow you we need better information on your page to make people become informed of happening in the country ant world not news about people's gratification.

  • StephenUdom_01

    02-03 10:59:34

    You look too artificial

  • Machine

    02-03 10:55:47

    I pray dolphin don't eat you.

  • nkechiagu

    02-03 07:13:32

    you are my role model ,beauty with brain

  • lnioluwa

    02-03 05:48:34

    Love you dear. Keep glowing. I appreciate people who do not put all their eggs in one basket. Being a salary earner does not mean you shouldn't have another source of income. What if you are not being paid at the end of the month? Will you base all your life expenses on the salary and allowances? Let us all learn how to have different source of income. God bless your huzzling dear.

  • Georgeowen

    02-03 04:14:33

    nah men dem dey chop nr be us if u like study all the courses in Nigeria u will end up chopped

  • GUEST_bJPdeNq2V

    02-04 14:12:51

    that's work of God, more blessings

  • TonyWazzy

    02-03 16:57:13

    As you fine like this, if you get good character then you are a good house wife.

  • InnocentAyo_02

    02-03 14:42:11

    beautiful woman

  • TijaniShuaibu_01

    02-03 13:16:18


  • Ocfr

    02-03 10:52:48

    may God bless us richly so that our children can flourish in our business.

  • +234-70395obitx

    02-03 10:22:40

    sweet heart u look take away u number pls

  • matoniks

    02-03 10:07:31

    Una too critizicse, all these show off , na advert now, to whom it may concern. Edo address, dey, no need to ask much question, the father and their biz has been indirectly introduced. oya start buying your forms,. the winner takes it all.

  • GUEST_W822yEQge

    02-03 10:04:01

    My beautiful baby a celebrity news of the weekend. vigorously overwhelmed. Baby i tuale for ur roll models

  • PromiseOkwudiriIkechukwu

    02-03 09:01:00

    Fatima uuh sowie Lisa,you fat Sha aahhh sowie you fine joor😆😅

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