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23 Hilarious Memes About Corps Members That Will Put A Smile On Your Face | All Comments

2021-02-20 15:03:23
Here are twenty two hilarious NYSC memes that would make you laugh too much.Being a corps member is a big privilege.You will spend a complete year serving your motherland and dedicating a lot of things.The ghetto! ...
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  • JohnOkechukwu_12

    02-22 16:03:58

    guy it's not funny at all,is only if it has not happened to you

  • olaa_01

    03-04 02:02:06

    I love 15 & 19....so funny 😄🤣🤣

  • DilibePat

    02-23 11:49:45

    you are in order.

  • GUEST_BZnPdn33Q

    02-20 21:58:50


  • YusufuJoshua

    02-22 17:54:08

    Find something and do after NYSC i mean anything legal accepted. Don't mind the amount at the beginning as far as it's your own business

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