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See where a man hid cocaine before NDLEA found out at Muritala Muhammad airport in Ikeja | All Comments

2021-02-02 18:06:35
One really needs to be extra careful when traveling abroad or if someone says they should help deliver something abroad for another person. A secret place was found out by NDLEA about where cocaine was kept and to be transported abroad for sale. It's a sup ...
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  • lnioluwa

    02-02 21:43:55

    Majority of the youths want to get rich quick but the fact that your friend did it and was not caught does not give you the guarantee that you are safe. A yoruba adage says 'ori yato sori' which simply means your friend doing something wrong and get scot-free does not mean you will scale through it as well. Be wise. A word is enough for a wise. Walk the journey of life gently. We will all get rich but the only difference is 'Time'

  • Georgeowen

    02-02 23:47:01

    ahh we have just started


    02-03 18:01:04

    they are crazy what is they're papa business na set up jhor

  • IsraelJohn_09

    02-03 15:01:26

    Maybe he did not settle them after his first trip

  • 0206****

    02-03 14:00:47

    This is serious. Well packaged. Wahala wa oooo. To get rich quick no easy oooo. l fear these pp, exploring all means. NDLEA shine your eyes oooo. God will help you well well oooo. Oluwa a ba yin se ooo. Amin

  • princeAdesanyadakosta

    02-03 08:05:51

    don't mind the useless guy he brought the cocaine into the country from Brazil , wen his mate dey carry am go europe....

  • +234-0803311****

    02-02 22:33:24


  • +234-907314****

    02-03 03:18:46

    we re reading this news bcus the accused doesn't HV money to settle them

  • amakassi

    02-02 21:39:27

    the t shirt will be a bit heavy

  • KenUlu

    02-03 13:01:50

    how on earth will someone know it was hidden there, let's live this jor, na thief dey catch thief...

  • MazBriza

    02-03 10:21:14

    NDLEA wey they use jazz nai person one pass.

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