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Indigenes Of Southern Kaduna Retaliates, After Bandits Attacked A Village In The Region | All Comments

2021-02-02 18:42:23
Southern Kaduna has been facing attacks from gunmen believed to be Fulani herdsmen. This criminals who usually cause mayhem despite the presence of Security, have made many orphans and caused others to lose their lives and properties. However, report reach ...
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  • Livingston_01

    02-02 22:53:12

    A government who always jump up to quickly broadcast news on reprisal but will be slow or chose not say nothing on the first attack is a wicked government.

  • sealord71

    02-02 20:37:18

    it's time d non Fulani takes their security and safety into their own hands since d so called government continue to back terrorist fulanis with d countrys security agencies,d battle is drawn no more hands folding.crazy people rulling d good citizens

  • GUEST_vBXA2ea4O

    02-02 20:23:14

    Southern Kaduna, your destiny is in your hands. Your governor is a fulani oooo.

  • GUEST_yprnmv9ow

    02-02 22:25:07

    We are not fighting northerners we are fighting fulanis, they are not Nigerians and we will not compromise this

  • DavidAbiodun_03

    02-02 22:15:59

    Fulani will now known nobody has monopoly of violence.

  • RuonaBen

    02-02 21:20:58

    I love Dis news.... Now d north shud no that south, east or west is not fighting them... Truth be told... Fulani's are enemies of Nigeria, they only came into our country to distroy d peaceful co-existence of our citizens... North pls I beg u guys again wake up from Ur sleep, u people are d last voice dat can save Dis country from fulani militants

  • GUEST_j4vZPgWAa

    02-02 20:50:08

    The Fulani's have taken more than expected. They must go back to where they came from in 1804. They are not Nigerians.

  • JuliusOgheneruona

    02-02 21:57:23

    Elrufia is not a patriotic Nigeria but a reknown Fulanis Patriots, haters of Christian and Southern Nigeria.

  • EfomoMagret

    02-03 11:51:07

    this thing is planned. the military intervened? iv never heard of any military intervention when their fulani families attacked others. and they should be brought to book?mr Rufai, how many fulanis have you brought to book? well nothing lasts forever. even abroad no go contain you when the time comes. obele lo ku

  • TonyNnadi

    02-02 21:32:16

    The evil Governor has said that the culprits will be brought to book only because Fulanis are the victims

  • JusticeForAll

    02-02 20:59:43

    oh, you mean they even have hands to retaliate....foolish people. let them stay there and continue cry for the useless government intervention.

  • +234-803695****

    02-03 02:35:08

    cBut why is Buhari always saying people should not retaliate.?

  • Ozoiyiagbaoku

    02-02 21:52:41

    I pity fulani what shall befall them soon


    02-02 20:19:50

    Congratulations the people of midlebelt, this what should be done to the fulani, in this way I bet they would think twice before attacking innocent people in their land... Drop your bible in order to live. If they ten of your people kill thiry fualnis, in that way they would take you serious..... Shalom my people


    02-04 08:03:41

    A tooth for atooth

  • imporger_14

    02-03 14:37:35

    It's like the southern kaduna people has woken up from sleep. Fight for your right, fight for you children, fight for your land.

  • GUEST_D4qjv6VYG

    02-03 14:37:31

    nice one

  • GUEST_w1xW1yoEL

    02-03 11:23:26

    The Christians southern Kaduna people are been human, they don't want to spill the blood of human cos they know what the great holy book the Bible says about blood of the innocent.


    02-02 23:31:12

    They are waking up, the governor who has never taken action since all these time on attacks on indegens of souther Kaduna now knows people should not take laws to their hand. What an irony


    02-02 23:17:53

    Fulani's are our common enemy in this country

  • AthanOsuji

    02-02 22:39:29

    Finally u people have woken from sleep,It's now fire for fire,return every violence with violence & stop complaining to the authorities,they will never be there for u,if they kill one from u,try to kill three from them

  • GUEST_51Ev3rro2

    02-02 21:17:08

    Good one... let send them back to 🇸🇳 🇸🇳 Senegal where they came from ... all indigenous Nigeria locals should stand up and fight for good life... progress development, technology.... from this lunatic tribes called fulani (buhari) people. Idiotic barbarians.


    02-02 21:08:31

    Don't wait for any govt to intervene. Just do the needful. Elrufai has already given them the go ahead by paying them to kill us all. My good people, it's time time to give them a taste of hot soup.


    02-02 21:07:47

    The Government is not doing well cause if is the Cristian site the Government will not talk

  • Chinedu

    02-02 21:02:53

    That is what should be happening all over Nigeria. These animals should be thought a good lesson any where they attack people. No one is a half human being. These Fulanis are real animals honestly, so humans live means nothing to them?

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