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Hours After Aisha Reacted To The Killing Of Cows In Abia State, See What Ifa Funsho Said. | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:26:59
Hours after Aisha reacted to the killing of cows in Abia state, see what Ifa Funsho said... We can still recall that there was a fallout between the Fulani herdsmen and the Eastern Security Network (ESN) in Abia state. According to a video posted on Facebo ...
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  • JoePapilo

    02-02 18:14:40

    Aisha you are just making empty noice just because of undinary πŸ„πŸƒπŸ„πŸ„ cows was killed, but what about the human souls to that the Fulanis killed, what about rapping, what about the πŸ’° money was given to them for the rescue of the victim which they kidnapping, what about the property what of billions which they have be destroyed?? I hate you Northerners because you value πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸƒπŸ„ caw morethan human be. go are cure you brain cancer. what they soil, is what they are rapings and this is just De-begining they haven't see anything yet.

  • Usman2719

    02-02 18:48:21

    When human beings are hacked down by them we cry less but when cows are hacked down we cry the loudest. I pity those who all along thinks Aisha represent a cry for justice and a righteous activist.

  • BenjaminMaivarUsman

    02-02 17:40:26

    please if there's any member of IPOB I salute you kill them all

  • +234-0806981****

    02-02 17:24:21

    This Aisha Yusuf hypocrisy is second to none, Mandela wannabe 🀦 πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  • BenjaminMaivarUsman

    02-02 17:39:24

    even the senators are useless it just gather their self and be talking rubbish jagbajantis discussing how they will share the money that is what they know they didn't care about our life being in this country where I come from boko Haram never let us have peace and the Hebrew people fulani herdsmen never want to you people to have peace then in my suggestion I think the evil people should not let them have peace to love the IPOB


    02-02 17:55:27

    My fear is the out come of all this killing and destroying of properties...

  • ThechoiceofGod

    02-03 07:05:47

    Ifa Funsho you are blessed for addressing that woman with correct answer

  • HabeebO'yale

    02-02 18:32:59

    Now you have your Twitter handle verified so it's time for diplomacy ... Nawa ooo

  • GUEST_rrpA6e0LX

    02-02 18:31:29

    Dear Aisha Yusufu.. if you allow religion to shape your decisions, your decisions will be attacked on the basis of religion.

  • PaulinusNnadi

    02-02 18:23:14

    Aisha has been very stupid all this while o

  • BarisuaNwikegha

    02-02 18:21:14

    direct and meaningful answer

  • +234-0706332****

    02-02 18:11:12

    this woman is a two edge sword trust her to your own peril.

  • Emzy_06

    02-03 17:49:09

    Since fulanis want to show us they are mad we are simply telling them no be only dem fit craze so let us all craze together and see who gets tired first

  • GUEST_WK1rA20P2

    02-03 09:43:42

    Haba Aisha is the law really working for you or Nigerians? People are dying everyday, bandits, Fulani herdsmen has destroyed almost the whole of Nigeria where is the law...Aisha common don't sell your conscience now.

  • GUEST_x1yY34Qr9

    02-03 01:56:11

    Hypocritical activist,

  • EricAmaraegbu

    02-02 23:19:13

    Aisha regards cow more than human lives. let her try to balance her statement each time she wants to talk about attack on fulani cows and human beings slain by the fulani"s

  • GUEST_ayGW0ppZJ

    02-02 23:17:37

    Aisha Yesufu why're Zig-Zag? Must u talk unreasonably? Anyway you're lover of zoocows more than human-being! Ask them why're they forcibly raping killing and inheriting another person's site for their freaking cows and beefs? Tell PMB to build cages for them in your Northern Sambisa Forest ok! We don't need their poisonous deadly meats again so they'd leave us alone

  • +234-803423****

    02-02 19:58:49

    where are the government or law's when fulani are killing people, burning their houses, where are you, u are talking about law's who are you to talk about law's,nonsense, my friend go and sleep. idiot.

  • BarisuaNwikegha

    02-02 18:25:27

    if there's security in the country would there be need for ESN and if there's a ranch would there be need for cow grassing in all the farms and reserved forests in the country? ?? hypocrites think cowardly

  • GUEST_5kYnbe6OK

    02-02 18:01:28

    Who says ESN is not backed by law?

  • +234-0807934****

    02-02 17:57:40

    From the day 1 I read that Fulani woman comments against the situation of the country I knew she was been hypocritical. It's "GAME OVER" this time. She proved to lack common Sense which is not common.

  • ObuchukwuElisha_01

    02-02 17:24:10

    That law enforcement agents should not destroy properties is very correct, I agree with Aisha on that, but that "No one has Monopoly of violence" should be directed to the killer herdsmen not ESN.

  • +1842

    02-02 17:22:14

    ESN is being guided by the law of self defense which is enshrined in the UN chartered. Aisha is a devil but she’ll bite her Family as well. Nonsense!!!

  • justicejustice

    02-02 17:09:28

    Aisha Yesufu I think is saying security outfits should not be taking laws into their hands, but she failed to make it sound inclusive, meanwhile the law that permits hisba and omotekun to operate in Nigeria must permit ESN operate, they started the fire, it's burning against them now, it's time to free ourselves from British indirect continues rule in Nigeria through fulani people, we must never give up on this, God bless ESN and God bless MNK iseeh

  • GUEST_NxWGj0bjG

    02-03 17:32:36

    Igbos will go to the North and contribute to the economy of their various state they reside.Most internal generated revenue in that various state and locals they contribute their quota but the reverse is the case with many of the northerners to the South the worst is this fulani issues. How can you come to someone s place and overnight you decided to displace the person of his life and property and you think he or she will be comfortable with you around him.Its only a tree that will hear that it

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