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Which Of These Men Will Have The Full Support Of Igbos Come 2023 If They Decide To Contest? | All Comments

2021-02-02 18:14:05
We all know that 2023 is by the corner and that is when the presidential election will take place God's willing and I know that most Igbos will like to contest for that position reason been that Igbos have not ruled for long since Nnamdi Azikiwe was the fi ...
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  • GUEST_35WZPLb6o

    02-04 08:08:42

    Bring Peter and Rochas to.north and Rochas will defeat him 1million times. Igbo clear your eyes very well. if you ask me, I will tell you that Rochas is the only person an Hausa man can give vote. Do you one Why?? They believed in Owelle and nobody else. Even Tinubu Rochas will defeat him

  • OnyemaAnyaogu

    02-03 01:59:30

    You people are just jesters, the only saleable candidate among them is Owelle Rochas Okorocha.


    02-04 13:14:16

    peter obi is better than all others, at least we can trust him to bring Nigeria together again, and help industrialize Igbo land, lack of industries to give our children job just like other tribes in the country is why the Igbo's are agitating not that we don't like to be associate with other Nigerians


    02-23 00:21:46

    David umahi


    02-17 15:18:11

    Umahi of course

  • GUEST_8krPwReEl

    02-17 09:56:40

    No one the killed our youths to became president of Nigeria only Rochas did not killed but he's criminal

  • PrinceNweke_02

    02-14 16:22:13

    Eng David Umahi is the best

  • GUEST_3D3JjWgb8

    02-13 16:01:01

    I support senator ike Eweremadu

  • NobleHero_01

    02-11 10:53:10

    obi obi ebeano

  • NwokolobiaAzubuike

    02-10 12:25:19

    Obi Peter

  • +234-0803088****

    02-09 07:03:05


  • +234-803319****

    02-05 12:53:46

    Rochas okorocha I support

  • GUEST_eYQyz7dBR

    02-05 09:20:01

    none of them, but biafra

  • GUEST_E61Wom7ro

    02-02 20:59:08

    Mr Peter obi

  • MartinsIgwe

    02-02 19:26:46

    surely Mr peter Obi

  • GUEST_96jxKrQlR

    02-03 07:41:23

    nonsense we talking of biafra while others are busy talking trash

  • Asogwaikechukwu_01

    02-26 14:09:13

    Umahi Mr President of republic of Nigeria

  • GUEST_lgB87xwRj

    02-14 16:33:25

    I give it to Umahi

  • GUEST_zBKe6VRq3

    02-14 07:01:17

    Peter obi Okute Ndi IGBO

  • StephenChigozieIgwe

    02-13 14:12:25

    Engr. Dave umahi. honestly that man will turn Nigeria to Dubai .

  • IsaiahOkoli

    02-13 11:57:52

    Peter obi is trusted and reliable leader with ideas and vision and above all strong and health with a better age limit for the presidential post

  • ChikaAcho

    02-08 12:49:22

    we can manage Ike ekweremadu

  • MauriceEmetuma

    02-07 09:02:44

    Peter Obi

  • MusaLawalMusa

    02-05 15:37:14


  • DesmondDuru_01

    02-03 16:02:24

    all politicians in Nigeria are same but mr.peter Obi is far better than these guys.

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