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Best dressed celebrities at the 14th Headies Award featuring Laycon, Erica, others | All Comments

2021-02-22 06:23:42
The Headies is a yearly award ceremony that celebrates the numerous singers in the country.The show recognises the amazing and talented musicians who have done well in a musical year in different categories, with each winner going home with a head shaped a ...
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  • kemH

    02-22 11:08:00

    Vee is the worst dressed


    02-22 15:34:19

    iyabo won best hairdo not best dress

  • bloodofJesus

    02-22 11:42:23

    what is wrong with this vee

  • GUEST_y3Y9rQ0yv

    02-22 13:19:53

    Are fine like ERICA? pls answer me

  • GracelandGrace

    02-22 11:37:47

    If you don't have curves, do not wear fitted dresses, just look at the embarrassment i dey now.

  • augustinaonaikpe

    02-22 15:03:04

    Alex.. d best dressed 💝

  • GUEST_erGLr5ldM

    02-22 14:04:32

    You can never be fine like Erica abeg.

  • GUEST_X6Y8N3Qkq

    02-22 18:30:16

    vee 😭😭😭

  • OdafePrince

    02-22 15:59:57

    are u fine like Erica

  • ObyDoraOsondu

    02-22 14:21:46

    Erica the star girl.... but vee what is it again? I notice you don't have good friends soooooo non of your friends told you that what you are putting on is not fine eeeh?I notice one bad character in she can never accept to change that dressing even if her friends tell her to please vee repent biko this embarrassment is too much look at what you are putting on heeeeee.... what is it ?what is it ooooo veeeeee.........

  • GodwinEmekaEde

    02-22 14:57:24

    Wetin Laycon wear so with the prize money from BBN?. Let him get a top fashion designer to kit him.

  • GUEST_V0wLYkdr8

    02-22 17:04:03

    Iyabo won clearly but vee poorly dress 👗

  • emmydo

    02-22 10:16:25


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