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Miyetti Allah Reveals What Sunday Igboho Did To Herdsmen When He Visited Ogun State On Monday | All Comments

2021-02-02 16:49:20
The Fulani cattle herders association, Miyetti Allah, has revealed what Chief Sunday Igboho did to herdsmen when he visited Ogun State on Monday. According to a statement released by the chairman of the association in Ogun State, Abubakar Ibrahim Dende, Su ...
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  • GUEST_elN7Xb1zj

    02-02 18:18:56

    if d President didn't address this issue it might turn to something.... Is getting too much of this boy looking for unnecessary popularity insulting elders anyhow.. it's well

  • ebubechukwuemeka

    02-02 18:55:44

    The whole south,i have to tell you and your leaders,this is the right time to stop the pretenders in your backyards as herders, the northern leaders planted them in your states 1 as spy 2 to make sure you do not produce enough food in your various states for food security,see what happened during lock down,entire south faced heavy food shortages,tell me if we don't have Gari and Rice what will be our total conditions then?no beans,no onions no tomatoes and other things,while we can plant them in our states, let the huge quantities from the north go to big food factories and for export,south want to go into massive farming they can't rely on you people from the north to feed their people,we have learnt our lessons during the lock down,please leave our forest for our farmers,God bless you while doing that.


    02-02 18:33:39

    If it's not right, he wouldn't have done it. So, it's right. Let the herdsmen learn to live in peace with their hosts - Yoruba, Ibos, and others.

  • OdebodeMuyideen

    02-02 21:22:33

    why the noise now from different angles, Fulani headsman were killing people in Yoruba land, nobody shout but Igboho did not kill anybody and you are making useless noise. Those of you that do not support the cause of Sunday Igboho by God's grace the whole of your entire family will be a victim of Fulani headsman. Amen.

  • +234-813136****

    02-02 18:29:17

    If it's right for a herdsman to employ or influecialy used military officers to force himself on indigenes of a town YES it's right for the indigenes to take back their property by force

  • YemiOyerinde

    02-02 20:14:28

    There is a big difference between fulani and fulani herdsmen so also hausa's. Even the Hausa in the northern are also tired of them what the herdsmen are doing they don't started it from the Igbo nor the Yoruba, they start with the hausa but when the government didn't do anything about it that's when you see them doing it to other tribe's I believed this will teach them lessons. The ESN AND SUNDAY Group are not disturbing the other Hausa doing other businesses.

  • EmekaAnyimNjoku

    02-02 23:04:00

    Mr Sunday God Almighty will blessed you for the brave and courageous movement

  • AyaboweiSammy_01

    02-02 19:57:07

    sunday Igboho has not done anything compared to what wakili is doing,wakili will soon meet his waterloo

  • +234-805266****

    02-02 20:35:47

    Civil war will gladly solve the probkem. When the Fulani herdsmen go about wielding automatic guns that have killed so many Yoruba persons, it was no invitation to civil war. but when Yoruba fought back, it becomes an invitation to civil war. So be it.

  • +234-703777****

    02-02 20:32:08

    The guy is really doing a great job

  • GUEST_rpw3yJjX0

    02-02 21:50:42

    Before Sunday Igbogho came there was war already in the Land, Or what other war do you think can be worse than fulani herdsmem killing, raping, kidnapping, destroying people's farms, pursuing people from their community, collecting money from kidnapped victims, taking over people's community etc. we are already in a Seville war, let the people defend them selves.

  • AbioyeAdeniyi_02

    02-03 00:47:07

    are listening to this man that mimicking, even their children will never welcome these merciless, and obdurate human

  • stAnthony

    02-02 18:41:31

    igboho is a man ,Igbo governor are cawards kudos my man

  • Churches

    02-03 09:36:46

    Nigerians we just like to praise human being in everything, some people will start worshipping this guy like some form of god because he has decided to do what we feel that government cannot do.... it is well

  • GUEST_dNjn7NPD2

    02-02 21:16:53

    This useless lubricated lunatic call Sunday oigboho has started the war that he will not end it,let see we are watching carefully

  • GUEST_B71O3ba4y

    02-03 03:21:32

    Good news, Sariki Fulani don't have a house in Yewa North L.G. If they are complaining of there houses, we are tired of crying for our Love ones they have been killing daily.

  • fridayosoba

    02-03 01:29:04

    Is it an offence if the landlord asked you to leave his house house 🏠. if is the Fulani that asked people to leave within 24hrs and you do not leave they will bugasi you even they will not even tell you to leave they will start killing like that. let go is it by force?

  • GUEST_y69eWJGWp

    02-02 22:00:43

    Nothing will happen. Peace is looming

  • BakyilZakka

    02-02 21:08:53

    white which kind question be this? is it right for fulanis to kill and rape non fulamy?

  • GUEST_K80k4P3zd

    02-02 20:31:25

    Whom ever want war will see war

  • +234-803831****

    02-02 20:09:36

    Yoruba people do not just act.They have very strong information for them to act.I am convinced that people they are dealing with is not peace loving Fulani herdsmen but the criminal parts of them.All notherners should know that we all should work together in order not to allow another breed of Boko Haram/bandits to arise again in the southwest like the way they surround North.If South also have security issue,where are we going to run to?The kind of work that Northern youth did not do that made Boko Haram bandits and tuskers to flush north is what Chief Sunday Adeyemo is doing now in South West.He is friend of all.Let us rally round him,please.

  • YinkaSerrano

    02-03 00:36:48

    Civil war my foot. If the Fulanis have been doing their business as usual, there won't had been cause for THIS

  • femiAlhassan

    02-02 22:13:20

    my country people see another tory woh

  • GUEST_0ZYjXnN3p

    02-02 20:10:40

    Capital YES

  • JamesNwankwo_04

    02-03 17:15:13

    The Wages Of Sin Is Death. Killer Fulani Herders Have Touched The Lions Tail While Asleep. Now, The Lion Has Woken, Let Them Face The Music

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