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Meet The Lovely Family Of The Outgoing ADC Of President Buhari & The New ADC Who Is From The North | All Comments

2021-02-22 20:39:15
Nigeria is blessed with great and dedicated military personnel who are giving all their best to the nation.Colonel Mohammed Lawal Abubakar is one of the finest Nigerian military officers who stayed glued to his duties and responsibilities as the Aide-De-Ca ...
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  • +234-703777****

    02-22 22:11:03

    Must the ADC be from the North, haba Baba

  • GUEST_rBqG8oAnY

    02-23 13:22:12

    wishing him de best

  • NnaemekaEziamaka

    02-23 11:38:10

    Wishing him the best of luck

  • GUEST_jerJz3dXe

    02-23 07:56:56

    why you dont appointed Ipob member like sardauna buhari you gate sense

  • TundeFagbemi

    02-22 22:10:44

    I wish Col Abubakar farewell and Ltc Dodo a good outing with the President.

  • GUEST_0ZYjXnN3p

    02-23 13:56:33

    General Murtala Mohamed appointed Lt. Akintunde Akinsehinwa a Yoruba military officer as ADC both were killed in Col. Dimka's coup. Lt. Col. K. Bello died in Dodan Barracks defending General Babangida during Gideon Okar's coup attempt. The pot bellied ADC of Buhari is smilling back to the barracks.

  • GUEST_0yvalMl43

    02-23 09:40:22

    Pls let us stop this tribal sentiment. Is not everything Mr. President does that is tribal. Former ADC was from Edo State.

  • +234-0803220****

    02-23 00:10:15

    thanks and God blessing you

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