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See what Yahoo boys did publicly in Benin City that has got people talking | All Comments

2021-02-08 19:58:41
In the early hours of the day, some group or set of boys (alleged to be Yahoo boys), eventually stormed a town called evbuotubu in Benin city, Edo state as they were seen spraying money in the air for reasons yet to be known. ...
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  • GUEST_P12n9k2j2

    02-09 06:49:15

    and people are picking up the money they don't even know what will come after the money

  • OludayoShopade

    02-09 10:51:16

    picking the money has a serious implication , it is devils money , it is blood money , it is yahoo sacrifice to appease the demon of money , most of those that pick the money will lost his or her blessing to the the demon, one of them will soon die , nothing is free from demon , some yahoo guys do party but it is party rituals , with enough food and drinks , after the party one of the invites will die after eating the food , it is yahoo plus

  • RichardMshelia_01

    02-09 06:15:19

    You see the difference between hard work and lazy work.

  • GUEST_0NOkn3rVn

    02-09 00:00:08

    I'm speechless

  • JusticeCypriel

    03-05 16:15:49

    hhmm I don't know there are still senseless ppl in these strange world... I pity those😭😭😭😭


    02-09 17:22:20

    i love to be one them mooooo


    02-09 17:24:47

    I love to join hooo

  • JoshOwen_01

    02-09 11:01:47

    I'll pick the money and drop my tithe in the church

  • BaronRex

    02-09 09:55:02

    money can do anything

  • GUEST_RyAA5bbzj

    02-09 05:53:47

    Yes ooh

  • OtorTevez

    02-09 05:33:38

    this is Yahoo plus, cos you can't expect someone, who who don't sleep all night to get money, and start soraying that huge amount of money

  • ErnestMicheal_03

    02-09 16:01:04

    God help the poor

  • GUEST_KeNLj687D

    02-09 08:57:11

    Nothing you get free

  • GUEST_yPkOy5aRg

    02-09 07:00:53

    I suspected that this is a ritual people looking for refreshing and update their wealth through this action

  • +234-0701826****

    02-08 23:29:24

    everybody is a Yahoo boy in this country problem nor go fishing for Nigeria

  • GUEST_3Nekj28mN

    02-08 22:58:53


  • ErnestMicheal_03

    02-09 16:02:59

    well moni is moni sofa say na original

  • BaronRex

    02-09 09:59:19

    Girls that are the types of people you want to date or marry

  • Jsea

    02-09 05:43:59

    So if any of you were opportune to be here when dis was going on, will you also join and pick money?

  • JibrinZakari

    02-09 00:05:25

    how are dose tribe doin Yahoo yahoo

  • Your_girl.

    02-09 10:56:51

    this is suspicious

  • PachecoSamuel

    02-09 10:46:55

    me I will pick oo but I will pray 2 God in my mind 🔥🔥🔥

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