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See What Happened to a Lady, The Moment Her Boyfriend Proposed to Her, That Sparked Reactions Online | All Comments

2021-02-15 03:54:18
Valentine's day is celebrated all over the world on the 14th of February, its a day we're people show thier love, feelings, and affection for another person by exchanging flowers, gift and manymore. ...
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  • +234-08069****

    02-15 07:33:06

    just rig and u want kill urself? u are a disgrace to womanhood

  • GUEST_mnM4EZjy7

    02-15 08:37:10

    Could it be shock? Why was the guy taking time in putting the ring...?

  • WesleyHarvey

    02-15 07:44:22

    D boy don use am run yahoo plus. Nobody see this coming

  • RoseJesus_01

    02-15 07:27:32

    maybe she is allergic to rings

  • +234-803258****

    02-15 06:24:44

    I dont trust the boy.he may have use the ring spiritually.

  • deekuedum

    02-15 12:49:47

    the ring is not ordinary. the boy has something to say.

  • BossB

    02-15 07:46:31

    The ring is not ordinary 😭

  • +234-703007****

    02-15 06:19:26


  • Godservant

    02-15 06:15:45

    Nothing Musa no go see for gate. infact this life no balance.

  • UyiG

    02-15 10:15:37

    Either they have vowed she will never get married from her marine kingdom, or the boy have used the ring for evil, he actually was delaying placing the ring.

  • OkaforLivinus

    02-15 06:55:15

    is not easy

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