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Why Elon Musk withdrew his children from school and what he did that will amaze you | All Comments

2021-02-09 10:54:24
Elon Musk is the current richest man in the world after he overtake his business colleague, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.Education is something rich people don't joke with in their life. ...
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  • GUEST_0MqGgneqz

    02-09 15:42:08

    He is a billionaire not a academicians.

  • FolahanValentine

    02-09 15:05:47

    I think is the only way, students can understand and have a better learning

  • GUEST_4AMNx7xaD

    02-10 00:08:40

    Wow 😮.. Yeah... The era of grades are gone.. We are now in a contested modernity.

  • YusufYahayaDabs

    02-09 17:07:55

    wide knowledge

  • GUEST_GDAQ884j7

    02-09 13:28:14

    good one

  • Abdul-Sebmahn19

    02-09 15:59:30

    Elon is the best in all. if he even ventures into football, nobody would talk about Messi/ronaldo

  • JudeObianyom

    02-09 17:18:56

    there is time for everything, that's the bottom line

  • JaneSamuel_01

    02-09 14:44:47

    l like his idea

  • ChidulueAmaechina

    02-09 14:49:00

    The idea makes sense, but it cannot work in all parts of the world


    02-15 00:50:44

    he is very right


    02-10 13:52:46

    Great job

  • GUEST_X2M6e3aVn

    02-10 09:10:41

    this is the way learning should be , not certificate with little or nothing to prove of your technical abilities.

  • Naomi01

    02-10 01:05:31

    I kinda like this ideology... when the brain is muddled up at times we dont even get to learn anything... just dont agree with that part when students get to leave the learning class but as giving the right space for assimilation? yes I agree with that

  • Justjo

    02-10 00:11:38

    The man is creative. Lots of physicists could not come up with the tesla kind of technology yet they may have better grades than him. Do we know any of those people? No. Education is supposed to produce creative lives, but here it is certificates.


    02-09 22:37:04

    This is telling you that creative knowledge is in vogue for the future not the usual certificate anymore

  • Airbliss

    02-09 19:55:27

    see persin wey get sense

  • InnocentLawrence

    02-09 18:11:58

    The day this man took this kind of decision may be he woke up with mental seizure.

  • IBMshelia

    02-09 17:56:54

    both theory and practical must be involved for perfect understanding but during interview in companies practical should take 80%

  • Stone-kPrinx

    03-11 10:36:57

    Only few people gets brilliant ideas like this

  • +234-0806581****

    03-01 12:28:47

    I believe him💯👍

  • UduPolycarp

    02-09 22:07:19

    good one!!, the best technical person is one who have good environment to play with he or skills

  • EugeneSilvas

    02-10 12:51:05


  • GUEST_jAv15Db7N

    02-09 20:54:12

    He's living my dream. things that I can only imagine myself doing.

  • MuritalaJnr

    02-09 19:41:41

    I had wanted to experiment this before now but...

  • [email protected]

    02-09 19:31:51

    His own version! knowledge has no bearing

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