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Days after saying her relationship with Ozo has upgraded, see what Nengi said next that got reaction | All Comments

2021-02-02 18:34:46
Nengi and Ozo's relationship is a perfect definition of "a patient dog eats the fattest bone", as we can recall that, Nengi and Ozo's relationship started out with a lot of disappointments, disgrace and constant humiliations, during the Big Brother show. A ...
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  • JoyNzimiro

    02-03 01:27:05

    Mr. writer, poster, or blogger are you Nengi's kind of man? Upon all the positive and great things Nengi said about Ozo, you can only pick the one you felt is not so positive. Well Nengi shall disappoint you because she is going to be with the quiet guy in the person of Ozoemena Chukwu and they shall be happily ever after.

  • +234-803313****

    02-03 01:43:41

    She has definitely tasted his pinkish piston.

  • chikeziekenneth

    02-03 06:19:25

    finally she said capital "YES"

  • AlexanderChinweuba_01

    02-02 20:40:40

    you are a mentally poor blogger trying to lead ppl on with silly gossips.

  • UK.com

    02-02 23:28:45

    mumu follow mumu

  • OzUgo

    02-05 10:37:52

    Wedding bell ringing, it will shock their critics that thought they will not be together.

  • PatriciaBowanBenni

    02-03 14:29:01

    Ozone to the world. Nengi loves Ozo

  • +234-806055****

    02-02 23:38:22

    30 turned 23 🤣🤣🤣

  • Iam_casvil

    02-03 12:08:52

    If you were in Nengi's shoes, will you choose someone that is quiet or someone that has affluence and wealth?

  • Iam_casvil

    02-03 04:43:53

    Don't you agree with me that people like Nengi with surgical implants are more interested in Kiddwaya's type than Ozo?

  • EdidiongBassey_05

    02-02 20:50:07

    Hahahaha this one pain you abi😜😜😜

  • +234-803334****

    02-03 18:57:09

    Ozo shine your eye Nengi is a street girl, but men like Ozo can be mean you can't take them for granted

  • EvelynOkechukwuani

    02-03 12:53:19

    whether good or bad,Ozo is a handsome guy .He is the type that every woman prays to have as a husband.


    02-03 17:37:16

    ozo no doubt is a fine gentle man which is why I fear for him that he might not be able to manage nengi a typical Port Harcourt girl. I'm not one of their fans but I will strongly advise ozo to look out there for a non celebrity for a wife

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