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21 Signs Your Pastor Uses 48 LAWS OF POWER | All Comments

2020-07-16 19:03:00
The work of a Pastor or a MAN OF GOD is such that anyone chosen and called by God to do it should understand and use God's word, formulae and power to operate. This will enable him achieve what God expects of him and be a blessing to humanity, without soil ...
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  • +234-0813292****

    07-17 10:24:55

    Sir, Referring To 48 Laws Of Power Written By Sir Robert Greene.......I Will Assumed You Didn't Understand That Resource Material Very Well. The Book Is Not Demonic, But Teaches Leadership That Can Be Drawn In A Positive Sense. The Following Are Insights From The Book. (1) It Teaches What Makes Many Leaders And Managers To Rise, And Some To Fall. (2) It illustrate Some Leadership Nuggets And Secrets To Success. (3) It Guides Ones Conducts And Character

  • GUEST_z3Dlm1qZz

    07-17 21:07:12

    what you wrote is true of many ministers but 48 laws of power stand out,it teaches you to know how to protect yourself and shows how past leaders used power to rise or fall.

  • +234-0810654****

    07-18 22:44:04

    why are u making the laws of power seem like its something negative , why not go apply what you read and stop using it to monitor and judge others with it,...don't be a fool

  • Onyeaghalanwanneya

    07-18 02:55:35

    if the men of God read that book and use it to make their MINISTRY work, why not apply the same laws and build your business or ministry too. or did you bought the book for buying sake or to castigate the ones that applied it .

  • +234-811464****

    07-17 19:38:00

    Great, honestly a great exposition.

  • MegIsongAbbagu_01

    07-17 17:56:18

    You're correct

  • BuzunKure

    07-17 14:22:59

    Please give us one example of such Man of God

  • OlukayodeOladipupo

    07-17 13:08:20

    it is well o may the Lord Jesus Christ reveals himself to us all and should help us not trusting in the harm of flesh for Jesus said woes unto them that trust in the harm of flesh...

  • EmmanuelPeters_06

    07-17 12:54:43

    Just the truth that will set you free if you understand the message.

  • PeterEnenya

    07-17 12:20:22

    You are right with your observations about present days MOG... but differ in stating that MOG that read Robert Greene 48 laws of power behaves in that manner on the contrary reading it makes one value and know ones limits with the use of power in a selfish and cruel way... thanks all the same for your post

  • AnifowosePeggy

    07-17 08:03:04

    Abi ooo what you said is true that is why church they quick tire me

  • +234-805651****

    07-17 03:53:56

    Hmmmm! I like dis.This is a real Pastoral ethics write up. Let those that have hears hath what d LORD saith to d churches.

  • IniUsanga

    07-17 03:43:39


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