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Meet Barack Obama's Ex-Girlfriend Who Turned Down His Marriage Proposal Before He Married Michelle. | All Comments

2021-02-05 22:25:30
Barack Obama is the 44th President of a very great and powerful Country called the "United States of America", he is a great and committed leader.Jager is now a well-recognized Professor in the Asian East, and a great Author. ...
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  • ChineduNwaka_01

    02-06 15:06:02

    She was not destined to be an American first lady.

  • ChukwuPaulinus

    02-06 09:53:45

    Obama prefer men to women, thank God she turned down his proposal

  • EbidahGoodhead_01

    02-06 09:24:46

    She kows that obama will some day have desire foe man instead of her

  • JerryBauka

    02-07 12:22:12

    She was not meant for him

  • GUEST_59eoKP0bV

    02-06 18:58:12


  • SusanOpara

    02-06 15:16:13

    Almighty God is He!!!!!!! from Opara Kaarachi Susan!!!

  • HajiAlaye

    02-06 19:12:41

    Man proposes God disposes, what God will shall definitely be.

  • +234-803425****

    02-06 15:18:41

    is possivle that she might be regretting not marrying him when he became the president then

  • GUEST_eBa9DN2gJ

    02-10 17:55:39

    She has foresight, brava lady.

  • +27-83206****

    02-08 14:01:51

    we may never know.many people actually undermine others because of their raxe color.looks etc not because of their capabilities. wr call sych people names line stupid. idiot.craxy.donkey in my village.

  • GUEST_3jPwlq7qy

    02-07 21:45:00

    God loves her, He saved her soul by not marrying him.

  • JerryBauka

    02-07 12:22:11

    She was not meant for him

  • lafricaine

    02-07 07:58:32

    she rejected him because he was just a black man


    02-07 00:41:20

    such is life but she never knew she ignored a great future of rare calibre


    02-06 23:09:16

    Nobody knows tomorrow. well it's not the will of God

  • Elianashem2

    02-06 13:53:10

    No one knows tomorrow, your tomorrow can be super Natural when you give God the Glory at all time

  • ilesanmihenry

    02-06 09:43:11

    What a world full of wonders & uncertain future ! Don't look down upon yourself or others . Only The Living God knows what the future is holding .

  • KelynKasongo

    02-06 09:13:26

    Obama is gay

  • BabatundeOlusegunTheophilus

    02-06 20:02:24

    Almighty God has is own ways of doing things, however His ways is quite different from our ways.

  • BarChibuzoEkeocha

    02-06 18:04:02

    A lesson to women but will they learn?

  • FolajobaKayodeDavids

    02-06 12:11:30

    She didn't know that Barack Obama will eventually becomes the world president. She would have regretted her actions.

  • GUEST_eBa9DN2gJ

    02-10 17:58:01

    Jager, u hv foresight to avoid Obama b4 now, congratulations

  • TrustFaithful

    02-08 10:13:29

    Let people joke with Bobi Wine of Uganda, he will surprise many.

  • ThomasLodovico

    02-08 10:04:56

    Who is telling you all the above?

  • GUEST_R5WE155rO

    02-07 19:47:38

    Michelle is the best!!

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