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48 Hours For Rochas To Apologise To Uzodinma And Imo People, Or Else Face The Consequences Of OPOCA | All Comments

2021-02-23 22:40:15
Senator Rochas Okorocha is given 48 hours to apologise to Governor Hope Uzodinma and Imo people for invasion into the government sealed Royal Spring Palm Estate and for misbehaving in a lwaless manner. ...
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  • PeculiarNwachukwu_02

    02-24 02:45:05

    Empty treat

  • GUEST_xrxMmElOj

    02-24 09:46:40

    stupid empty head the same APC you castigated Rochas of being ewu Hausa don't worry uzodinmas days are numbered Rochas has the ogu and offor of APC in the whole South East he will triumph at the end of all this


    02-24 07:24:21

    You Are Indeed On the Right Tracker Respectable Kngsmen

  • GUEST_7094ARP9N

    02-24 05:18:36

    Blatantly lier that cannot happen noise Maker

  • PeculiarNwachukwu_02

    02-24 02:43:03

    Or what

  • GUEST_5NpWBjyal

    02-24 02:14:04

    did hope apologize for disturbing orlu and killing of orlu people?

  • MrSolomon

    02-24 01:46:35

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  • ElokwuihiaGabriel

    02-23 23:56:22

    since both misbehave what Happ en to d uzo

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