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Apostle Johnson Suleman reveals the secret behind Pastor Adeboye's success in ministry | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:08:12
There are times when I'm with my father in the Lord, Pastor Adeboye and I'll be crying, especially when he is telling me of his experiences. Few days ago, I was with him and he told me something strange and I was just looking. I sat down with him in a meet ...
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    02-02 17:08:20

    good one

  • IrohJude

    02-02 17:38:01

    nice one, I lean alot

  • EstherOnaiwuJacob

    02-03 01:10:19

    it is done and settled in your life

  • UbongabasiOtuk

    02-03 02:25:37

    more grace sir

  • MercyAmaka_03

    02-02 18:08:54

    God will do it for you


    02-02 17:08:59

    I pray for God's mercy


    02-03 11:57:54

    glory be to God

  • OnuHappyOnuHappiness

    02-03 02:08:54

    God , open his eyes to see naturally if he wants trully

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