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I Met Him When I Went To His Company For A Job Interview And He Told Me He Would Marry Me - Lady | All Comments

2021-02-02 16:37:10
There is always an amazing story in the journey of love to share and most times these stories serve as a template for others, some can learn from it or use it as a perfect model. The best feeling ever is to find a soulmate, someone you will be proud of and ...
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  • +234-805593****

    02-02 19:12:29

    love can be found anywhere. congratulations to them both

  • rimatales

    02-02 19:16:40

    Why are some people such killjoys and so cynical. Why are you attacking these new couple without knowing them from Z. Love is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to be loved and thank God if you meet the one that fulfills you. Not every marriage ends up in the dust bin. Please let's appreciate good things when see them so that ours can come too. Wishing these gorgeous couple undying love and devotion.

  • ugookwelume

    02-02 18:10:04

    not everything that glitter be gold tomorrow we will hear he has been tolerating your odour down there ,you will pluck off he's eyes now all these one moment wed pics does nothing for me

  • GUEST_ww1d2JJvd

    02-02 21:51:46

    Yes I can because it was the very first time I met my husband dat we fill in love. And get married and we still in love, on till death do us part in Jesus name Amen.

  • GUEST_Ej3okd6oO

    02-02 19:17:32

    That's good combination


    02-02 22:17:41

    Whatever the story sounds, my major concern is why on earth will any of your knees, one or two go down for a woman? It's a wrong thing to do for a woman.You may honourably put down a knee down for a male elder, while all 2 knees are exclusive for our CREATOR. There are many ways to show love to a woman, but not by bringing down yourself or subjecting your self to such humiliation. This is not African.

  • oydo

    02-02 20:30:57

    were you truely after the interview?...... well love is blind.... it takes miracle to regain the sight

  • +234-0803787****

    02-02 20:02:07

    na Tru talk but money balanced the love made everything quick.

  • DianaAjale

    02-02 21:09:01

    Lucky you, carry on, you got more than just a job, all in your palm now, both the job, the company and the... You know etc

  • OnuHappyOnuHappiness

    02-03 02:01:04

    This type of Love I never see 2x I never seeeeeeeee

  • GUEST_zBrgLpLqO

    02-02 22:45:13

    This Can Only Be God Almighty That Perfect Match Make Without Any Body's Consent ! What A Merciful Gracious God,Great Perfect Match Maker.Have A Blissful Marriage !

  • Emeraldie_

    02-02 20:35:28

    i see a lot of broke, bitter and negative people here. Tifiakwa it's why most of y'all will never taste true love or even have money for buy a replica of one. get a life and stop hating. 😂

  • A.APrudent

    02-03 11:29:25

    love is absolutely God and can be found anywhere anytime. Amebo pls stop poke nosing in their affairs, We find love right where we are.


    02-02 19:22:30



    02-03 01:33:41

    When God is at work!!! enjoy jarri

  • GraceObasuyi

    02-03 18:00:02

    love at first sight


    02-03 13:18:10

    one love

  • GUEST_4vrRL2rJY

    02-03 01:32:29

    Queen of the Queens

  • LegitVicNews

    02-02 23:56:16


  • +234-0706933****

    02-02 23:16:53

    Ur beta


    02-02 22:54:05

    Two adults desirous of marriage can always outlive their seeming incompatibility albeit they courted not.

  • Your_girl.

    02-02 22:39:02


  • AmaniKimani

    02-02 22:31:38

    Why he no go marry you? who no like better thing?

  • MichaelAlison

    02-02 22:30:34

    Congratulations Ayokunle Gbenga

  • GUEST_v5KGeoeBy

    02-02 22:25:22

    ok oo

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