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I Met Him When I Went To His Company For A Job Interview And He Told Me He Would Marry Me - Lady | All Comments

2021-02-02 16:37:10
There is always an amazing story in the journey of love to share and most times these stories serve as a template for others, some can learn from it or use it as a perfect model. The best feeling ever is to find a soulmate, someone you will be proud of and ...
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  • PatrickGodspower

    02-03 19:14:02


  • ItzJohnnieJr.

    02-03 15:07:58

    God be bless

  • MondayGambo

    02-03 13:52:21

    I Wish u the best

  • PrinceRybadexRybadex

    02-03 13:34:59

    I go love oooo

  • GUEST_bQK6JraAa

    02-03 13:11:55

    congratulations.....l love good news. may God bless your marriage.

  • JoshuaYahaya_02

    02-03 12:34:01

    there's different between like and love that is where most of girls be descieved salutations is not love?

  • +234-0906004****

    02-03 10:36:34


  • GUEST_NewOzzkMw

    02-03 09:15:22

    be a good wifeoòooo

  • NkemBuChi

    02-03 08:58:06

    congrats babe

  • GUEST_wwAz8JreA

    02-03 07:36:50

    As there are no markets for live partners, crap your opportunity when it knocks, but be wise as job seekers, because what looks like egg in the garden of Mr. A, might be a serpent on the Farm of Mr. B. Congratulations to the couple!

  • CKMokwugwo

    02-03 06:54:39

    lady but what did you do when says he told you he will married u

  • GodswillEmmanuel_01

    02-03 05:04:42

    now the Love And Favour of God has come , behave nicely, Take good care of him.

  • MichaelObara1

    02-03 04:58:46

    compound Job's seekers if he don't have money would you abandon the job you go for and say you want to marry? na mañ you go find, abi na work you go find? if this man does not have money you will publish him that he said he want to sleep with you before he could give you a job and you man did you take your time to find out if she's wife material? congratulations ooooh

  • Georgeowen

    02-03 00:01:39

    i would advice the man to go for deliverance and go for test with the wife

  • GUEST_1g1ONd9mE

    02-02 23:50:15

    Congratulations to them

  • DouglasOdey

    02-02 23:29:02

    bro no too hurry ooooh hurry go hurry out

  • RitaNwajei_02

    02-02 23:20:41

    lovely couples , God's time is the best....

  • SafiyaSafiyaRaniAbubakar

    02-02 23:19:22

    una don day love each other before ,no be for interview abi!!!


    02-02 23:03:14


  • EnemuoPeaceChimamanda

    02-02 22:39:45

    Congratulations to them

  • +234-903170****

    02-02 22:39:30

    she get belle already oh. o boy see the stomach oh. no come here say the DNA say no be your pikim oh. mmmhuuu

  • GUEST_xZkAq8qyQ

    02-02 22:15:09

    Beautiful couples, congratulations.

  • JosephJames_31

    02-02 22:14:04

    You're smart enough to grab the opportunity, some foolish ladies will reject the proposal. Meanwhile congratulations.

  • WilliamsAdekola

    02-02 21:59:52

    your interview was very successful since u got what u would have used work to find before the work itself . congratulations

  • +234-803772****

    02-02 21:45:03

    OK. Congratulations

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