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I Met Him When I Went To His Company For A Job Interview And He Told Me He Would Marry Me - Lady | All Comments

2021-02-02 16:37:10
There is always an amazing story in the journey of love to share and most times these stories serve as a template for others, some can learn from it or use it as a perfect model. The best feeling ever is to find a soulmate, someone you will be proud of and ...
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  • Gabashane

    02-04 02:07:43

    yes. I told my wife that I'll marry her 1st time I met her. currently, we're happily married.

  • GUEST_gAGB2pqzB

    02-03 18:39:55

    Very pretty good beautiful couple

  • GUEST_jMepWaDzz

    02-03 18:19:23

    fake love people who love each other do not show off

  • GUEST_Az16Qldp8

    02-03 16:28:26

    That is a blessing for you dear it's one out of a hundred they are a afew men who can do that happy for you


    02-03 15:55:36

    May God keep and protect you till Jesus comes

  • GUEST_dbO94Do9Q

    02-03 15:19:55

    she is wow. lucky you

  • BensoKamau

    02-03 13:29:28

    n. jun m. hú

  • MaameKyerewah

    02-03 08:28:44

    some people are just lucky in life unlike others hmmm

  • GUEST_2jQzZq8vE

    02-03 07:45:31

    Money is what can make every man get the woman he wants.. This love was based on how the money sounded.

  • OleRusat

    02-03 07:29:23

    Go ahead and marry him!


    02-03 07:11:44

    is like merry maame WATER itself

  • GUEST_2GWA8xGrq

    02-03 06:16:27

    This is wonderful congratulations

  • 24october1964mubyana

    02-03 03:22:23

    great couple


    02-03 01:20:31

    This is great and unique


    02-02 20:53:56

    let's pray and wish u well love is all abt what u make it


    02-02 20:07:35

    Happy for u guys God bless

  • GrantMarume

    02-02 19:59:42

    Both of you have to be careful for a lady side what if he find another beautiful lady than you seeking for job and you Oga hope your lady she is not on mission to bring you down, otherwise she have her goals to achieve that's why she was looking for job not you

  • Jupiter77

    02-02 19:13:12

    he will find another prospect next time he's tired with u

  • BrightBenefoh

    02-02 19:00:46

    nice one there really you looks beautiful

  • GUEST_DojJP7yEm

    02-02 18:47:06

    I wish u a well marriage

  • AgbosoKayormiProsper

    02-02 18:40:18

    this love de33 na wash

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