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After Trump's Impeachment; Checkout 3 Excellent Nigerians Who Will Serve In Joe Biden’s Government | All Comments

2021-01-14 15:27:10
The recent incident that rocked the world today, was the impeachment of the United States of America's incumbent president, Donald Trump for the second time. It did raise a lot of comments all over social media. But keeping that aside, it's important that ...
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  • LaurettaEtukudo

    01-14 19:25:50

    Three of you will be a vehicle to transfer 666 to Nigeria all in the name of Security for COVID-19

  • NsikakEdem

    01-14 21:31:10

    why all Yoruba

  • lofel

    01-14 19:24:36

    Bravo, we are not worthless like that idiot Doctor did claimed. We are trailblazers outside our shore. I f the govt of Nigeria equally gives us the opportunities of enabling environment at home we can lead the world.

  • ChibuzoIrobi_01

    01-14 18:20:42

    Congratulations Trail Blazers. We are proud of you.

  • GodwinUshie_03

    01-15 09:55:59

    How do we benefit from that?

  • CJ06

    01-14 19:11:46

    end of America

  • +234-812361****

    01-14 19:47:07

    we are not lazy Nigerian youths abroad

  • GUEST_qwjW8aN4e

    01-15 19:12:09

    Use you and dump you. Don't come to Nigeria. You make money to yourself not to Nigerian to benefit please to say.

  • IsmailFataiFolaranmi

    01-14 23:00:34

    good to hear that

  • GUEST_Bl1pgAlma

    01-14 22:51:14

    congratulations to them

  • HenryRichard_04

    01-14 21:40:58

    Why did you mention impeachment, Are you the one that impeached Trump, or is it impeachment that got those people appointed?

  • ChinonsoNwanchor

    01-14 21:24:59

    who Nigeria help

  • positiveFaith

    01-14 21:17:05

    well, let's see how it goes - God no Dey sleep

  • ElijahSunday_12

    01-14 20:51:16

    congratulations to you all, wishing you all a successful tenor in Jesus name, amen

  • sundaynwafor

    01-14 20:12:58

    Endesa time regime

  • +234-702585****

    01-14 19:53:07


  • ManOfTruth

    01-14 19:42:34

    2 out of 3 are going to be working with Biden in Covid 19 related areas. What does it tell you about how much the one world government will work with our evil elders to afflict the poor citizens of this country.

  • GeorgeNnamdi

    01-14 19:33:10

    we Nigeria don't know what we have. Good

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