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See People's Reactions After This Lady Said, "No Words Starts With “O” And Ends With “O” | All Comments

2021-02-15 15:08:51
In life there are many things we have no idea about or are aware of but due to the help of social media, we get to learn more by acquiring more knowledge from individuals. ...
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  • GUEST_kAmapBv2J

    02-15 19:27:35

    Okoro Oko

  • GUEST_Go9K1rqey

    02-15 17:01:28

    What of OLODO

  • Esteeudokangsblog

    02-15 19:39:53

    if there is no word start with o and end with o, I suggest we should borrow word from "Okpororo, haha haha

  • GUEST_zV3ygnG89

    02-15 19:01:21

    Onto, ouzo, oregano ,oratorio etc ....wait until u see people that read English who can also create their own words too.

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