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Today's News:Another Prominent Nigerian Shot By Gunmen, "Tinubu Is Not good For Presidency"-Adeyanju | All Comments

2021-02-02 22:24:25
Today's News: Another Prominent Nigerian Shot By Gunmen, "Tinubu Is Not good For Presidency"-Adeyanju. Here are the news for today. 1) "Tinubu Is not good for presidency"- Adeyanju reveals. "Adeyanju" recently disclosed that "Bola Tinubu" is not a good can ...
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  • GUEST_L0BQqJ0ed

    02-03 03:40:51

    It will be highly unreasonable, anti-progressive and anti-justice and anyi-unity to the teeming majority of Nigerians to install any of the old brigade: Tinubu, Jonathan and any Northern politician to the presidency of this country! It would mean we do not have a sense of justice and equity. This country would never move forward. Which magic are we expecting from this class of people? Electing any of them, would be equivalent to our present experience with Buhari! Repeating the same mistakes

  • GUEST_MQMwnYoze

    02-03 07:03:06

    God will chose for Nigeria even you cannot rule this country scammer . Please don't add to our problem , we fighting insecurity you are bringing issues of 2023 haba who that one help ? Is it not when the country safe that we talk of elections ?

  • Sezz

    02-03 07:00:55

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    02-02 23:30:29

    Who is listening to this useless snd senseless good for nothing fellow?

  • GUEST_eG3kwpj54

    02-03 12:36:21

    Iwofalenu o.Ohun to wu elenu lo le fenu è so o.Who give him the power to be reasoning and talking for Nigerians?

  • AgbomojoOyeniyi

    02-03 08:14:37

    In your own opinion Tinubu and Atiku are not good for president you better allow majority to elect their own leader by themselves Tinubu is tested trusted and surely we are for him be informed

  • GUEST_OekaGmzON

    02-04 11:58:13

    Adeyanju statement or advice on which capacity of his?

  • AustinOgbonna_05

    02-03 20:58:33

    our useless youths are busy doing cultism , plaiting their hair , smoking weed & lazying up & down , any youth that tries to demonstrate unlawfully should be arrested & tested for hard drugs immediately

  • olacarew

    02-03 12:36:30

    old selfish so call thieves as our leaders need to be removedl

  • StanleyUmunnakwe

    02-03 10:01:03

    Iam not against youth presidency in Nigeria,if a youth must lead become a president it must be a qualified and tested and trusted and God fearing person if it spell doom for Nigeria more than this old men.

  • GUEST_Kd3VW11gL

    02-03 08:26:45

    So baf

  • ohajohn

    02-03 07:52:28

    they have expired simple and shot

  • Olwise

    02-03 06:39:40

    Adeyanju has missed it, Nigeria need not experiment but experience leader like Tinubu. we can take a risk of any more, we need a performing individual with knowledge of best material to move Nigeria forward.

  • InegbedionFelix_01

    02-03 06:14:18


  • luckyodede

    02-03 05:36:52

    Frankly it's time either the yoruba or the youths of this extraction think out side the box, or remain agberos or weak noise makers from the likes of tinubu , if not the stand to be sold one more big time and later ask others to help them.


    02-03 05:26:19

    I want to ask Nigerians one question viz: How many years is Joe Biden,. Donald Trump even Boris of great Britain. We should be careful of our statements. P O Ofor.

  • GUEST_RAbgQ2P10

    02-04 19:49:45

    Well spoken,Adeyanju

  • ChukwuemekaOkoro_08

    02-03 23:53:02

    this is president of daura

  • AustinOgbonna_05

    02-03 20:54:18

    u are right where tinubu is but u seems to be an idiot for canvenssaing for useless Nigerian youths personified by yahaya bellow of kogi who claimed covid 19 is a hoax, today is kogi not in danger

  • @SOP+234703932****

    02-03 18:43:31

    God we chose for us


    02-03 15:45:41

    both criminals can't get anywhere


    02-03 15:31:25

    What has Abdulwahab Goronyo done to these wicked elements. Foreign News will carry the news one day that ALL Nigerians have been kidnapped and killed because even that time there will be no journalist left to report the news. They are also Nigerians. So don't rejoice over the kidnapping and the killing of any rich man or any politician, no one is safe. It may be you or your relatives tomorrow. I'm not a politician neither am I related to a politician. I am only living by the grace of God.

  • JuliaOby_01

    02-03 15:11:51

    that's if they will allow d youths useless old greedy men they keep telling us young shall grow when please

  • GUEST_86o723Gp7

    02-03 14:20:05

    Opera, don't you edit your stories?


    02-03 14:00:52

    very good reportage

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