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I Got Pregnant At The Age Of 17 And People Mocked Me But Today They Wish They Never Did - Amina | All Comments

2021-01-13 13:19:41
Recently, a lady has got the whole of Nigerian twitter community confused and talking about her after she took to her twitter page to share a picture of her and her grown up daughter. Apparently, in the picture, it will take you a long time to differentiat ...
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  • ChiomaF.Okereocha

    01-13 16:59:14

    My dear, I the good thing in this story is that u have good supporters and money was there 4 u to take care of the child. If not, you would have regret it And suffer for it. Nobody will regard ur story. Because u made silly mistakes.

  • GoldyBee

    01-13 16:43:27

    The post is now insinuating that being pregnant at underage should be encouraged. The points are: The child is out of wedlock. the act is immoral and ungodly. I see no difference between this act and those marrying underage. this society is sick, morally sick!

  • GUEST_jP38kpkqZ

    01-13 15:23:37

    every thing except DEATH is good to start early in this world

  • KingsleyGeorge_07

    01-13 15:09:48

    Natasha should also get pregnant since she is also 17 for us to have complete story

  • ZCyAHugRofazWjLrqIPFAmJeZEg1

    01-13 15:10:38

    a big inspiration as in say they give u belle out of wedlock born d pikin or ?

  • Guest22

    01-13 16:49:48

    Teen pregnancy will 4ever be wrong....stop sugar coating the WRONGS!!!

  • GUEST_5BRnyx78D

    01-13 16:45:43

    So what is your advice for the upcoming generation, they too should get pregnant may be at 12. Will you be happy it your daughter gets pregnant at 17 and out of wedlock? Your post does not make sense, I thought you wud have said, thank you Lord for seeing me through pregnancy out of wedlock, though, it is not a good experience so that you can discourage the young ones.

  • J&KNIGltd

    01-13 16:44:59

    There is no dignity in your story !

  • GUEST_9Z0LwQkW4

    01-13 15:18:52

    No1. U are stupid for breaking up with ur baby daddy at least show appreciation for him standing by you when others neglected you.you would have bin nowhere if he and his family never accepted u. No2. I so much love ur courage for bin so strong for ur daughter thank God u never aborted such a pretty damsel. Thanks to ur baby daddy once again who gave u courage to bring forth ur baby. No3.u two are awesome may God keep the evil eyes away from u both.


    01-13 17:20:23

    Be careful so that your daughter will not go that way.I've seen a situation where a mother did these,her daughter did her own at the age of 14,the grand daugther now is 14 and just took in.What a story,is it something to emulate? Pls say it is a mistake, young ones should not go that way

  • VicInfoHub

    01-13 14:49:08

    When you are born to be great, nothing can stop you. delay is not denial.

  • Kikibrows

    01-13 15:10:32

    Wow, I love this!

  • GUEST_6Zg0zYNjN

    01-13 18:10:19

    So we should get happy for teenage girls, when they get pregnant at 17? You're still sick.


    01-13 17:26:23

    please encourage your child to get pregnant now and give birth so that you will have more deals for the next generation

  • IrikefeOgbonnayaNnenna

    01-13 17:03:38

    hmmmmm, hope the same thing will not happen to her. This one you are exposing her like this because that will be a curse. It looks like you are celebrating evil

  • +260-97899****

    01-13 16:40:52

    Half motivating for what you were doing to have the baby is wrong though common. What are you telling teenagers, that it is not a big deal to be pregnant early? Only good thing is you were courageous enough to have the baby.

  • AbubakarYa'uAbdullahi

    01-13 15:37:43

    i can identify the mother and the dauter

  • LastbornJohnson

    01-13 22:09:23

    I don't understand ooo, is she telling small girls to be pregnant at age 16 or 17 years? I fear ooo

  • FadairoFunkeOludipe

    01-13 16:43:11

    You are only lucky to have had a good support team, many are not lucky as you. It is a good inspirational story for those in your shoes but young ladies should be discouraged from leading the path, it may end up a gory experience.

  • Majoriechisangak

    01-13 15:44:57

    great 🤣

  • MosesOhareSolomon

    01-13 15:55:46

    I 🤔 I have to give birth now

  • OlazDaimond

    01-13 15:41:41

    which one is mother and which one is the daughter

  • AgboAlueshima

    01-13 15:01:54


  • GUEST_pk0PAeYbr

    01-13 14:48:47

    how old her you now

  • ScobbyRhymzConk

    01-14 23:28:57

    Who is who

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