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Reno Omokri Has Revealed Reason Nigeria is divided, Why Buhari's Wife Left For Dubai. See reactions. | All Comments

2021-02-04 14:41:16
Mr Reno Omokri is at it again. Reno has always catch the attention of young Nigerians with his nuggets and strong criticism of president Buhari on twitter.  Reno recently took to his official twitter account to say that "Buhari’s nepotism has so divided ...
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  • ayoboedwin

    02-04 16:27:00

    u are just fooling urself because of special assistant that u lost since 2015 u want to die ur master has carry on with life he even visits buhari u are wailing with the money u stole in the us pls try to be ashamed small

  • famepaul

    02-04 16:09:15

    Mr Rone do you know why many Nigerian are not taking your commit serious, because you are do it for commercial,many social media pay you for it, how could you be interfering on issue of. another man wife,(wahala)


    02-04 16:21:36

    track records of whoever wants to be president must be Paramount in vetting

  • ChimezieNnanna

    02-04 21:39:52

    I wonder if we can unite as a nation (in spirit and Truth) again

  • GUEST_xW1E281WR

    02-05 14:46:26

    Reno Omokri. stop the lies please in terms of infrastructure there's development on that please!

  • PreciousKing_04

    02-05 08:46:10

    May God deliver us


    02-04 18:24:15

    Buhari is doing well by showing you the road to your village

  • FOLA

    02-04 16:55:42

    That's is it the woman known what's is going to happen


    02-05 11:39:02

    To KILL, STEAL and DESTROY = SATAN according to God Almighty!!!


    02-05 05:06:32

    is only God will deliver Nig from this mess o


    02-04 18:25:09

    Omo monkey or whatever they called you. You are looking for posting from Buhari and you could not get it that's why you making noise

  • GUEST_L3woDlBgb

    02-04 18:53:32

    why the northern not asking buhari wife the y keep silent if another people there open up where president wife is northern people

  • GUEST_pB6rvGppl

    02-05 15:32:22

    good talk,Mr reno

  • Hardcurrency.

    02-05 11:09:07

    Eziokwu bu ndu

  • MusaAkogun

    02-05 08:13:00

    Before you talk of nepotism get an accurate record of the federal civil service. More than 70% are from the south. Many southerners are on pensionable appointments in the North, a gesture the north does not enjoy in the south. Leave our Buhari alone. All of us including you & I are all nepotists one way or the other.

  • GUEST_5E9v46rmm

    02-04 18:49:20

    True talk, the most currupt regime in Nigeria history


    02-05 06:40:05

    Why this man always address people with the hope of the person in Aso Rock is buhari.

  • GUEST_rR33KPm4Y

    02-04 21:03:44


  • GUEST_z8JooeVey

    02-04 17:34:25

    True talk. He's destroyed this country almost beyond redemption

  • Al-AminBajoga

    02-05 01:32:03

    Reno, you are too self-centered and toxically biased. Bringing Mrs Aisha Buhari into gossip menu, while you have not talked to us about your wife, is unbecoming of even a tribal pastor. Don't you have other people to talk about?


    02-05 11:47:23

    uuuuuuuhm, buhari buhari I didn't blame you by Tinubu and Obasanjo who campaign for you to be where you and what you step doing today because of their greed and selfishness

  • [email protected]

    02-05 09:21:13

    what is different between ur government and Buhari government u are so useless Mr man, what ur family benefits from u.

  • GUEST_8Q6BRb0V2

    02-04 21:57:52

    Omo mockery always making mockery of himself. Real men of God dont talk too much. Mostly chattering needlessly and foolishly too. You have lost value Omo mockery. Your Principal, GEJ is gradually regaining respect because he only talks when he is invited to talk and he talk briefly and to the point. Emulate him and stop acting like a gaddam tout. Nonsense!

  • JonathanUkeh

    02-04 19:29:12

    It means that all of us should prepare to leave as well,if not for Covid 19 Nigeria would have been empty by now, May God help us.


    02-05 09:27:24

    @Musa Akogun. How can northerners find employments in d civil service when they are not qualified. They know only three things: begging, banditry and herdsmen! D southerners in d north are qualified, hardworking and peaceful! They are even living in the north at d risks of their lives!

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