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After Buhari's PA said that FFK may not be welcome in APC, see what FFK said | All Comments

2021-02-09 07:37:44
The rumour that former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode is set to join the APC has been filtering around since yesterday.This rumour started after pictures of Femi Fani-Kayode had series of meeting with top APC officials. ...
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  • JazzAlter

    02-09 09:44:02

    fani femi kayode must be an awkward human being if he thinks he will join apc belief me they will mess him up and truly take a pound of flesh from him.but am sure he will not try such stupidity

  • GUEST_D2VlPgkL1

    02-09 09:10:48

    He don broke, time to join them once more and make some money.

  • UdobongGodfrey

    02-09 11:09:23

    If FFK is a man of honour and integrity, he should not be in equal yoke with those he usually speaks pungently against their misrule and bad governance. If he moves back to APC, he will lose credibility in the eyes of well-meaning Nigerians.


    02-09 11:36:05

    sir please support separation of Nigeria now.one Nigeria is dead

  • +234-817030****

    02-09 13:47:55

    do u have any Nigerian Politicians that is a man or woman of hon or integrity ? noo! their are the same ,if u can not beat them u join them!

  • Logah

    02-09 11:59:11

    What s ur headache in one politician from party A joining party B? Don’t u know they are the same, they are after their interest


    02-09 09:36:10

    Mr. FFK don't fall my hand ooo. APC is not a party for people like you.

  • GUEST_3LjamMjq0

    02-09 20:28:25

    A right thinking person can not join APC govt, that's full of lies and deceptive. Ntuko.


    02-09 12:11:41

    when devil wants to destroy a man,he cut him off from those that love him, first it was his beloved wife,now his party,ffk, devil wants to finish you,pray and pray,so you will over come.

  • Blackvoice

    02-09 11:43:52

    A politician is always a politician. and all politicians are Maradona. if FFK move to join APC, then buy buy to your political career and public respect.

  • EbongEssiet_01

    02-09 11:30:29

    FFK do you remember your comments when OBANIKORO joined APC?Do you also remember your comments when YAKUBU DOGARA went back to APC?We are watching you

  • DeriOrbuka_01

    02-09 09:23:50

    Yaya Bello us one of the biggest thieves in Apc....for any to be seen shaking hands with such a rogue means it would take us another century to get it right...in Nigeria.. I cry for.my country and Awo.... Separation is the only way out.... I do not.see how this country can move.forward with these.class of politicians without an iota of conscienceless No wonder the home na scatter scatter

  • GUEST_Q4z8AAy6X

    02-09 10:55:56

    The only thing that is in their head is party.No body knows how to solve Nigeria problems

  • StalloneB

    02-10 08:17:01

    If FFK shld go ahead in joining the APC,then,it means nobody should be trusted as the 'voice for the masses'. again. I would advise FFK to stay in the path of honour. What else does he want? He shld nt allow APC to soil his white garments o!

  • DavidAjayiFasiba_03

    02-10 05:30:32

    Tell us why not, FFK is a full fledge bonafide NIGERIA Citizen with Franchise. Must an individual negates him born out of Personal Grudges and Hatreds? That would be unheard of. After all, apart from being a partial Yoruba, he has the blood of FULANIS flowing in his Nerves like any other Fulani in that Party. Please tell us the next STORIES. APC is NIGERIA PARTY and not an Individual's PARTY.

  • GUEST_jLK4g80x4

    02-09 21:33:27

    Trust a Yoruba man at your own risk

  • ChukwuemekaNwankwo_03

    02-09 21:15:32


  • GUEST_6V3KVlwAy

    02-09 19:22:45

    can't be .

  • GUEST_x19zoDL04

    02-09 17:33:59

    you see, human nature is beyond full comprehension! for me, the APC is the 1st bus stop to those of us who are yet to understand the macabre dance between the party and herders!

  • GUEST_JM9aJpJvn

    02-09 15:50:45

    The moment FFK you made this move, you lost power. You were a champion for PDP and the west, all of a sudden you went to those you castigated using a dump explanation. You got relevance because of the cause you stood for, but now you are just an irrelevant person. By the way were do you get counsel from? That person don cheat you!

  • SaifullahiSani_02

    02-09 15:46:14

    oga you have said yours. so allow us to assess you all. I still stand by MA words that all these people are just cars of different colours but same product. A person that reclaimed his reelection through mehem, trying by all means possible to show people that he is a good man? oga!! tell us what this regime did that deserve our sympathy

  • BickliffeOba

    02-09 15:15:42

    FFK adds colour and verbosity to PDP but not electoral value because he has never contested for any electoral seat at anytime nor has he backed any candidate to victory. Therefore, if he remains in PDD it is fine and if he defects it is not an electoral disadvantage. He is very free to remain or move on.

  • 2biaz

    02-09 14:28:15

    After reading FFK tweets I became speechless like I'm reading president Buhari speech.

  • emmydo

    02-09 14:27:36

    FFK think he can leave the sinking ship of pdp at this critical condition?...no, no...they are going down together!

  • MikeOnele

    02-09 14:05:19

    Nigeria is confused, anything can happen

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