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Arsenal Loanee Criticises Arsenal Manager: You Judged Me After Two-And-A-Half Games | All Comments

2021-02-09 07:46:40
Arsenal Loanee Criticises Arsenal Manager: You Judged Me After Two-And-A-Half GamesArsenal loanee, William Saliba took a verbal swipe at Mikel Arteta for the way he handled him while he was in the club. ...
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    02-09 12:03:19

    useless coach

  • GUEST_pNmgbenb1

    02-09 10:43:15

    I have said it time without number that Arleta is not the manager Arsenal needs now. firstly,he does not possess the pedigrees to manage the team. secondly, he is sentimental, he hates players he did not recruits and utilize such players there by frustrating their careers. He should be relieved of his Arsenal job to scouts for more suitable hands to manage the team to achieve success

  • +234-803804****

    02-09 15:45:34

    This Williams Saliba is too arrogant and disrespectful to his manager. How can a 19 year old guy keep ranting nonsense about his coach. Saliba should know he's too young to be enmeshed in controversy, he should learn from Balotelli, how pride and indiscipline destroy people's future. He is young and he should learn the ropes no matter how good he is. There is time for everything and his time will come. But, when coaches all over Europe see how indisciplined he is, no coach will want to work with him. Learn from Balotelli. thank you

  • MuhammadAbdullahi_86

    02-09 10:11:33

    is the reasons why he failing he just hate some players for no reason

  • HenrySambo_03

    02-09 15:07:36

    Arteta this Arteta that, please for how long are we going to cry? I have been watching Arsenal for Fun, Pleasure and I was entertained during Prof's era, but now the more I watch this team of Arsenal the more I become irritated and frustrated due to this Arteta.

  • GUEST_nx1xVaZnG

    02-09 10:00:39

    I think managers should come up with a system to give all players fair opportunities. Arteta was wrong here.

  • GUEST_GlPDDejg4

    02-09 12:50:06

    There were too many defenders so he had to wait and the best way is to be loaned out.Let him bid his time.

  • Slumdogg

    02-09 10:32:00

    Arteta is the man even if it breaks him then we will see.

  • StanleyMartins_03

    02-09 11:31:57

    Part of the reason Lampard was sack was his inability to make use of good players at his disposal, Mourinho same thing, I am sure Arteta may get same treatment because of this boy's case.

  • Bundlesofjoy

    02-09 10:44:34

    But Arteta wont play all players at once. if Arteta say he's not ready doesn't mean he's not good. for fairness, let arsenal fan tell us for now who Saliba could bench from the list of central defenders. 1. David Luiz is error prone but Arteta needs experienced player at the back. 2. Holding, 3. Pablo Marri 4. Gabriel and even Chambers. making 5 central defenders. Arteta may have his plan for Saliba and not wanting him to sit on bench like chambers. He may be planning for him to take over from the like of David Luiz who will be goingsoon. this is not hatred but plan. if he had tried Saliba in two and a half matches and he did not do well then how many matches will he use to try him. Saliba should stop addressing press so that he wont develop a sour relationship with the manager. the likes of Ceballos and Odegard still want to return to madrid despite the coach leaving them out but they will never talk about the coach. he shouldn't form the habit of addressing press concerning his relationship with the coach except he's planning to leave the club.

  • KayongoHudson's

    02-09 12:24:28

    He's right

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