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See Photos Of A Woman Who Had Never Been Married Before And Recently Got Married At 63-Years-Old | All Comments

2020-07-19 22:30:01
Mrs Owojaiye who is precisely 63 years old recently found the love of her life who she got married to after many years of waiting on the lord. She had been awaiting the right person who will be the bone of her bone, and the flesh of her flesh. Owojaiye has ...
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  • LivinusIkechukwuOti

    07-20 03:15:57

    It is better to marry late than to marry wrongly...

  • +234-803398****

    07-20 03:36:14

    This is stale news, it's happened two years back in Zaria, though the husband an Evangelist and proprietor of Christ Ambassadors college is resident in kaduna and a was then newly widowed. Please kindly learn to give out facts as its should be for proper information. so your informations can be relied on.

  • EgheonyehaOliver

    07-20 04:53:28

    it is not late. God has something to teach people through the marriage

  • GUEST_2yOx0MzoE

    07-20 11:43:07

    Waiting on God is worthwhile. What shall it profit a man if he/she marries early only to live unhappily ever after. Happy married life to Mr and Mrs

  • GloryKanu

    07-20 08:58:44

    Congratulations ma'am

  • GUEST_22gprn4KG

    07-20 06:52:27

    I am happy for her


    07-20 06:46:52

    I will not judge anyone to,but however i will wonder how she must have lived out her active youngful days as beautiful,attractive and agile girl/lady.

  • +234-0906219****

    07-20 06:42:00

    Thank God for her

  • AkporugoIsreal

    07-20 06:24:30

    Yes God is never too late

  • FunmilolaRonke

    07-20 06:15:05


  • IsaiahOlobayo

    07-20 04:40:07


  • GraciousAloy

    07-20 10:49:12

    God is wonderful

  • AkporugoIsreal

    07-20 03:30:33

    delayed breakthrough

  • +234-0906271****

    07-20 11:32:20

    Hope at last, God is faithful

  • GUEST_ZbvE97pOk

    07-20 11:27:15

    she's blessed of d Lord, watch it, d God of Sarah will still give her children. he that always do it when d ovation is loudest. he brings hope when all hope is lost n forgotten. ogie non gbuduluemhin, oatarior oiluorior uromhin osee

  • GraceOnu

    07-20 09:46:31


  • StarSenibo

    07-20 05:50:02

    All is well. Thank God for them.

  • MichealOlobayo

    07-20 18:44:01

    Oh Father God don't let glory manifest late. In JESUS Christ name I pray amen....

  • EbiMiller

    07-20 22:41:08


  • GUEST_nMkngPReD

    07-20 22:25:19

    congratulations , Good's time is the best.


    07-20 22:11:21

    congratulation ,thank God , delay is never denial.

  • ChennyYatitCecilia

    07-20 21:44:10

    That is God for us. He choices to do it on His owned way. He is Able.

  • ChineduNwaka

    07-20 21:27:46

    Be happy your day has broken the bible said there's time for everything under the sun.

  • OmoniyiVictor

    07-20 21:14:04

    Whatever may be her heart desires in this marriage, God of Heaven who supplies according to His riches in Christ Jesus shall supply all.

  • IdowuDeborahAyobami

    07-20 21:11:28

    thank you Jesus for her life

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