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New IGP Takes Tough Decisions As Eastern Security Network, Banditry & Terrorism May End Quickly | All Comments

2021-04-07 17:30:42
Yesterday took a dramatic turn and change of authority for the Nigerian Police Force shortly after President sacked the former Inspector General of Police and appointed AIG Usman Alkali Baba as the new IGP. ...
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  • GUEST_VJl34Z017

    04-07 18:42:22

    Aboki is always aboki.

  • adeyanjuoluyemi

    04-07 19:01:23

    ESN is not our problem. they don't kill innocent people.... go and face bandits, bokoharam and your Fulani herdsmen

  • IgweMondayInnocent

    04-08 09:49:51

    Their greatest problem is ESN😂😂😂. They can't write anything without mentioning IPOB and ESN. That's shameful,indeed.

  • JacksonDavid_08

    04-07 18:50:09

    South East has become talk of every day, while the worst that do happened in the north are justifiable. shame on the zoo.

  • Klets1

    04-08 15:31:14

    story story. .he should make he starts with the Boko Haram aka Bandits

  • obioraobichukwu

    04-08 08:35:44

    But he has nothing against Fulani herdsmen? The lopsided approach will only make matters worse. After all he is Fulani with the same agenda. Wrong move against ESN will be the most unfortunate mistake.

  • Agbamudia.Anthony

    04-08 19:06:26

    buhari is using sty to promote his men into highest level, after 6month he will retire him and pic another man,

  • OmemmaGoodnessOnuigbo

    04-08 14:19:55

    ESN has become Nigeria problem abi? Nonsense! E never choke una yet.


    04-08 13:14:06

    What we need is action.I pray to God to help and support him .But remember former Inspectors said more than that.

  • Concernforsouls

    04-09 10:09:36

    If Fulani herdsmen are stopped from invasion of people's communities and the terror they are unleashing on Nigerians, and ESN and Amotekun do not immediately die natural death, then, I'll personally champion attack against them. It's just so logical. You know the cause of the problem and you pretend and beat about the bush, but your pretence has become so loud that even the deaf can hear you.

  • Concernforsouls

    04-08 15:51:05

    Why is ESN who is only standing for self defence more worrisome than the Fulani herdsmen whose deadly activities against innocent citizens led to such defensive outfits like amotekun and ESN, who constitute no harm or danger to the innocent citizens? Or, are they as dangerous as Boko Haram who you refused to mention, but was designated the 2nd deadliest terrorist organisation in the world. Oga, please tread with wisdom and professionalism, because we need peace in this our country, like days I used to leave Lagos to Maiduguri in the middle of the night without fear.

  • GUEST_Qjzo2nz6V

    04-08 15:19:26

    I don't think that they have a natural sense by raising a stupid comments towards Ipob and Esn

  • GUEST_3JBykNppg

    04-08 12:26:05

    but have not acquired that of ESN

  • OfuomaOvieFriday

    04-08 10:20:56

    I keep saying if Nigeria want to win the war on Boko Haram, terrorism, kidnapping etc .it is very simple and I keep saying it.overhaul the military ,army, Navy and airforce,over haul the paramilitary,police , custom, immigration,civil defense etc.then put in check and balances in all these government agencies.u will see drastical changes

  • GUEST_VA0A5kgKo

    04-07 19:19:40

    Please pay your officers well so they can die for the country.


    04-08 14:37:40

    police go police come,. barracks remain the same.

  • NureniBadmos

    04-08 10:20:18


  • SolomonNwambu

    04-08 08:40:59

    It is really unfortunate that opera media is promoting ipob and ESN activities including their comments and that of their ignorant supporters.probably that's how the founder wants to contribute to the destruction of this country by his own feeling.Well,every evil person fails at the end of the day. Satan is an example. Let's watch.


    04-08 08:11:15

    The southeast provides for the nation and also bribery and torture in the hands of the security bodies, nothing lasts forever

  • AderojuAdesina

    04-09 14:14:45

    This IGP is Fulani man. unless If southern become IGP before everything will be ok in this Nigeria

  • +234-0706237****

    04-08 15:12:46

    Nonsense ! He should start his so-called tough decision with Gboko Haram , the bandits and killer herdsmen .

  • +234-802845****

    04-08 15:06:08

    what i have to say is that Nigeria jaga jaga

  • NkemjikaOgini

    04-08 13:15:45

    New IGP directive is normal for someone who just took over office. but he will soon get tired. insecurity has increased drastically in Nigeria and is unfortunate.

  • adeyemolateef

    04-08 11:22:19

    may God help u. but start from fulanis herdsmen men the I will believe you

  • GUEST_WNkgJEzd6

    04-07 21:17:54

    this govt is the worst govt in Nigeria history, I think the presidency said the president did not hand over power to the vice President, so why did they allow the vice president to decorate the new IGP

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