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"Do Not Start What Will Finish You," Joe Igbokwe Warns Eastern Security Network | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:44:44
The Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Joe Igbokwe has descended heavily on the operatives of Eastern Security Network and their founder.  The ESN which was established to checkmate the activities o ...
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  • GUEST_dJ34yg859

    02-02 17:28:56

    Judas of Igbo land how many years did you visit eastern region!?

  • GUEST_BdQ33O0pG

    02-02 19:19:53

    This man should not be called an Igbo man. he is a sabotour.

  • GUEST_vGn6VlPmw

    02-02 23:14:21

    thank God he is not my father. please any day this man died, his family should bury him in Lagos burial ground n on no account Should he visit Igbo dead or alive. Ewu that has sold his soul to devil because of money.

  • GUEST_1RQVk1zKe

    02-02 16:36:20

    Joe Igbokwe is a specialist in Drainages and has little or no business with Security.

  • +234-903935****

    02-03 05:13:05

    The same way we have been prey to the federal security forces and armed harbsmen. Nonsense

  • GUEST_WMmp9glw1

    02-02 23:17:13

    ESN is the best thing that has ever happened to us. They Will finish well. God is already with them full time. To God be the glory .

  • Akpurakunbé

    02-02 17:49:19

    This is indeed, a traitor JUDAS - ISCARIOT. of the south eastern region. u will kill yourself very soon. nonsense

  • LuckyLucky_55

    02-02 17:32:53

    old fool, I have two befitting titles for you, 1 coward 2 saboteur

  • BoboMike

    02-02 16:35:14


  • GUEST_MpZE66pnV

    02-02 16:29:38

    This man deserve to be assassinated,,, I swear down, and I won't surprise if it happens....


    02-03 16:02:34

    If you say the truth, you will lose your job. Yoruba slave

  • MartinsUwandu_03

    02-03 07:40:57

    Joe igbokwe is never an Igbo man despite bearing Igbo name because I am sure he can not be able to locate his family house in wherever he may claim to have come from in any part of Igbo land because he once said he lived all his life in Lagos and one doubts if he ever travel to East so please let no one take his senseless talks serious

  • GUEST_Q1KWv5qk4

    02-02 21:55:57


  • AustineAguguoIhekwoaba_01

    02-02 17:21:48

    This fulani stooge should stop bothering us. What he wants is for his fulani masters to continue killing innocent farmers in their farm lands in the South East. He wants be President. Please tell him he will not get even ministerial appointment.

  • GUEST_wxWpx7LO3

    02-02 17:02:39

    joe igbokwe is another ifeaguna his not going to leave long evil man

  • ChukwumaOdoemelam

    02-02 16:28:28

    oga Joe please leave ndigbo alone, stay in lagos serve your masters

  • +234-803746****

    02-02 16:24:19

    Town crier.....keep your tears to yourself...


    02-02 19:26:04

    Although I have never been a fan of Joe Igbokwe, I think he is on point this time. ESN is illigal. Our Igbo brothers should take a leave from the Yorubas and organize themselves. When they felt that their security is been threatened the legally set up Amotekun with total support of all and sundry. But on what legal ground and on whose support is ESN standing? Forget about the deceiver of brethren urging you on now, they will surely abandon you when the chips are down.

  • UgochukwuAgbago

    02-03 21:40:41

    Joe igbokwe you are nothing but akpati ozuu.

  • Mceblog

    02-03 20:00:10


  • TundeArogundade_01

    02-03 15:49:45

    study this man very well and look at his eye you we observed he need to go for brain surgery cos have never see him with sensible statement

  • PaulNnajiofor

    02-03 13:01:36

    Joe is a fool, his statements is always that of a caword,he forgot that oder upon orders has been given against bk boys and bandits yet Nigeria is still at war, instead of this fool to advise his president to negotiate and make amends, you hear open his ugly wide mouth ,some one should pls tell him to stop this excess of drugs ,

  • AhanekuPius

    02-03 10:38:36

    as every one can see peace have returned in eastern region as a result of ESN no more raping and kidnapping

  • GUEST_dPrYwmDrw

    02-03 09:57:35

    mr igbokwe.i think r mature enough to talk as a father.maybe it's because none of ur family has been killed or rape by this evil people called fulani.that is the reason why u r opening ur mouth to talk nonsense.

  • LarryRuthless_

    02-03 08:32:09

    Foolish Igbokwe all the drainages in Lagos state are still blocked. special adviser.

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