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"Do Not Start What Will Finish You," Joe Igbokwe Warns Eastern Security Network | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:44:44
The Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Joe Igbokwe has descended heavily on the operatives of Eastern Security Network and their founder.  The ESN which was established to checkmate the activities o ...
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  • GUEST_6NEZodVjq

    02-03 00:41:28

    may thunder strike u down amu nna gi

  • ezementus1

    02-02 23:35:30

    if this boy's catches you your mouth go be like your name

  • GUEST_WMmp9glw1

    02-02 23:22:10

    ESN is the best thing that has ever happened to us. They will finish well.

  • ChristopherEkene

    02-02 22:22:37

    Big fool! In did.

  • GUEST_P9mmgeMg9

    02-02 21:01:23

    Joe Igbokwe is not an Igbo blood. His father is Alhaji Abubakar from Sokoto. His father played ball with Alhaji Abubakar and resulted to him. Very soon he will chase out to Sokoto to meet his kinsmen.


    02-02 20:42:38

    keep quiet, you are a politician,a traitor,Judas, working for Nigeria government.

  • NjokuTim

    02-02 19:52:30

    Joe are you upstairs.

  • DivineFidelis_01

    02-02 19:38:00

    sorry for nama awusa

  • WeiCong

    02-02 19:15:03


  • poopypants

    02-02 18:58:22

    you have sold your shame

  • GUEST_5kYnbe6OK

    02-02 18:46:28

    Fulanikwe bring it on. You are fortunate enough for staying far from my sight, U for don become bush meat

  • RohiZion

    02-02 18:46:09

    it's most unfortunate that Igbokwe can loose his senses because of politics.

  • GUEST_5kYnbe6OK

    02-02 18:41:49

    I don't like seeing this idiot #sabo

  • EmekaOkoli_03

    02-02 18:30:25

    Ewu Lagos,we have sold you to Lagos state don't comment on our issue

  • GUEST_wxWpx7LO3

    02-02 17:02:39

    joe igbokwe is another ifeaguna his not going to leave long evil man

  • GUEST_Gq33mexlW

    02-02 16:40:54

    Joe u are complete idiot

  • GodwinIfeanyichukwuUmeh

    02-02 18:46:15

    stop commenting on issues concerning Biafra, because you are a prodigal son, rebellious, traitor and sabo, you are nobody in Biafra, you have sold yourself to the enemy, nobody regards you in Biafra and you are inconsequential efulefu, who made yomaseoo

  • GUEST_qKW83xP51

    02-02 17:24:11

    Joe ! Joe ! Joe igbokwe buy sense for your good

  • GUEST_2rME78zaa

    02-04 11:06:46

    why can this baboon called Joe igbokwe go and sleep, or is he trying to make me recognize him?

  • GUEST_jYyzkr9x0

    02-04 00:31:45

    the man Joe Igbokwe has his secular education. but lacks wisdom. Joe go and rest, continue your contract with the Youruba for your belly. Forget about the ESN as you are not the make up, and you do not know what they are up to.

  • ChantelleUys

    02-03 20:42:09

    Joe igbokwe next u speak against anything concerning our movement that we be ur last day because ur madness is going out hand u start talking like wike the governor of river state be warn

  • GUEST_rzYd63NJo

    02-03 16:34:54

    Osita Okechukwu and Lauretta Onochie are beginning to have siblings. Wao! That's great.

  • emmydo

    02-03 14:19:36

    ...acting based on peanut!

  • AdemolaAdebambo

    02-03 13:43:26

    Go and seat down! Another Fulani awaiting eviction in d Yoruba house of legislation. KANU and d ndigbos needs ur brain. Time to go home.smiled

  • IkechukwuOkafor_20

    02-03 11:17:06

    Joe the MADMAN igbokwe.......NDEWO

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