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"Do Not Start What Will Finish You," Joe Igbokwe Warns Eastern Security Network | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:44:44
The Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Joe Igbokwe has descended heavily on the operatives of Eastern Security Network and their founder.  The ESN which was established to checkmate the activities o ...
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  • MosesOnuoha

    02-02 15:54:40

    hahaha so this is all about ur life safety but what of those that are being killed by fulani herdsmen

  • UkamakaBeatrice_01

    02-04 09:38:40

    I hope your conscience is not hunting you!

  • WellWisher

    02-04 04:29:06

    Why are you bent on generalising this matter. Are all Easters IPOB members. Which means you are IPOB too. In as much as we do not support any form of distraction of life and property, no matter who is involved. Please speak wisely.

  • GUEST_pRebZ3nj5

    02-03 21:42:10

    evil man is what will finish u genartion useless old fool makaku

  • +234-0803352****

    02-03 12:28:11

    this is mumu Igbo man God for bide this type of man in Igbo land.(Judas). your closer to grave you have never repent oooo na you go tired.

  • DivineReal

    02-02 22:53:14

    mad man

  • Burukutu

    02-02 21:50:50

    Coward na so u cry during endsars

  • DeriOrbuka_01

    02-02 21:36:56

    cowards due many times before their death ...let them Nomadic Tuàreg Settlers from Niger REPUBLIC in Nigeria go and finish boko haram first. very unthinking Igbo man

  • EluemAdigwe

    02-02 21:31:23

    Mr lgbogwe stop advocacy for Chip recognition it is not fit to you please go and find some thing to do no body will bankroll you

  • +234-806591****

    02-02 20:28:56

    look let me tell you mumu man if anything happened to ESN raging from Nigeria military troops or what so ever and casualties are recorded then you know that you will have the Israelite army to contempt with and am sure you know what that means abi do think ESN are just operating I'm their own might try and see?

  • SundayLekwauwa

    02-02 20:23:05

    Oga Joe Fulanikwe ,is like you the sleep since, so you no the hear what happen to Nigeria, OK you war done start already, OK because of you the sleep for house, don't worry your people Fulani go kill your person you go know

  • +234-0814907****

    02-02 19:31:48

    liar igbokwe is the one that will be a prey to the Fulanis when the time is ripe

  • davidchinonso..

    02-02 19:19:20

    I believe he is not from the East and that should give him a more reasons why he should shut up

  • WeiCong

    02-02 19:15:02


  • GUEST_6vOpO04dV

    02-02 18:11:12


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